Friday, May 29, 2015

DEAD ICE by Laurell K. Hamilton


Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #24
Berkley Books, June 2015
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN:  0425255719
ISBN13: 9780425255711
Paranormal Romance

Paranormal romance author Laurell K. Hamilton is back with the twenty-fourth book in her Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, DEAD ICE, which has Anita researching a zombie pornography ring while preparing for her upcoming wedding to master vampire Jean-Claude.

Someone is raising some really lifelike zombies and using them in zombie pornography.  The zombies are not only very lifelike, their terror is apparent in their eyes, leading Anita to believe voodoo of the darkest kind is being used.  But Anita killed the only practitioner evil enough and strong enough to do this kind of magic.  With her upcoming wedding to vampire master Jean-Claude approaching and her commitment ceremony to Micah and Nathaniel considering adding another bride or groom to the party, Anita’s plate is once again brimming over with action, adventure and magic.

It appears that Laurell K. Hamilton has listened to her fans and really taken their comments to heart in her latest vampire hunter story, DEAD ICE.  Fans have been asking for her to go back to more police procedural type storylines for Anita and in DEAD ICE Anita is hot on the trail of someone using some very dark magic to raise some very lifelike zombies and forcing them to star in zombie pornography.  Anita is working with both her local police partner and the FBI throughout this story.  At the same time, fans who have been asking for Anita to shorten her long list of men down to her main men, have also gotten their wish as DEAD ICE centers on her core relationships, her wedding to Jean-Claude and her commitment ceremony with Micah and Nathaniel (and perhaps a third as yet to be determined tigershifter?).  While some of the others are briefly touched upon, Asher and Narcissus to name a few, they are slowly being moved out of the foreground and with good reason.  Of course, the magic is front and center and the sex is steamy but not overwhelming as it was in some of the prior books.  All in all, this reader would have to say that DEAD ICE incorporates just about all of Hamilton’s fans’ wish list suggestions and incorporates them well.

Laurell K. Hamilton’s writing style is unique and extremely entertaining.  Her stories flow well, weaving many storylines together seamlessly.  Her characters are multifaceted and all have individual characteristics that make each of them stand out from the others.  For those fans who are wondering if they should spring for the hardcover edition of DEAD ICE or just wait for the paperback to come out, go ahead and go for it.  DEAD ICE does not disappoint.  You asked for it and you got it.  Laurell K. Hamilton is an author that really does listen to her fans and it shows in her latest vampire hunter story, DEAD ICE.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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