Thursday, May 21, 2015

THE BACK NINE by Gia Stone

Publisher: Siren
Date published:  April 2015
MF Contemporary
Reviewed by Helen
Obtained via author
Rating: 3

Alec Marino is busy building his client list among the wealthy at an exclusive resort. He has no intention of getting too close to his customers no matter how sexy they are. Brooke Carmichael’s boss suggests she learns to play golf. The attraction between these two is immediate and unrestrained.

This book is extremely hot. Apart from the actual golf lessons themselves, which are full of innuendo and not particularly restrained passion, the plot is mostly the sex, which is a perfectly valid medium. Ms. Stone takes every opportunity to crank the heat up several notches past scorching. For a vanilla MF romance with no kink at all, ignoring some not-quite public exhibitionism, Ms. Stone certainly displays an ability for writing erotic romance.

Unfortunately the author’s inexperience is demonstrated in some errors that would have been blindingly simple to fix. A typo in the blurb had my teeth grinding. Several unexpected POV shifts between paragraphs left my head spinning, and then aching. Since this publisher bans head-hopping, and content and line edits all their books, I can only assume this is an issue Ms. Stone needs to work harder on for future books.
There was also a raft of misused words, mixed up tenses, repeated words, and floating prepositions, all of which could have been fixed quite easily. There were enough errors to make the book less fun for me to read. I also would have appreciated a little more conflict outside the sexual.

Nevertheless this is a new author who knows how to write hot and how put her own spin on the story. Ms. Stone definitely shows potential and I’ll come back and try her again when she has a few more books under her belt.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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