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February 24th, 2015
Contemporary/Women’s Fiction
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For three friends, Nicole Lord, Shannon Rigg & Pam Eiland, life is moving at a nice pace when things happen to throw them in a tailspin. Nicole finds herself supporting a husband while he chases his dream of writing a screenplay while working and raising their young son. Meantime, Shannon is looking for Mr. Right, the one man to make her dreams of a happy ever after with the promise of a family in the future. When she meets Adam, well let’s just say things look promising until he spills a secret that will either make them stronger or tear them apart. Then there is Pam who has it all or so it seems. Doting husband. Great kids. But when she takes the chance to put the heat back in their thirty year marriage, things heat up to explosive for Pam and her husband, John until tragedy leaves Pam scrambling as life takes her on a roller coaster of a ride. Three friends find that love, life and more weave there way around them as they try to make sense at all the changes-good & bad-even as they navigate their trials life has thrown at them, they find that friendship makes it all more bearable.

I got to admit this was the first book by this author I read and I could not put it down. With characters that literally float off the pages to real life situations that left me hanging as I flipped the pages, Ms. Mallery leads the reader on an extraordinary journey alongside Pam, Nicole and Shannon as they navigate life as it tosses a curve ball at each of them. I laughed, cried, smiled and cheered as I read THE GIRLS OF MISCHIEF BAY. The author delves deep into a world where real people live, work and love. From single parenthood to troubled marriages to finding that spark in a long lasting marriage; with each chapter these three women experienced, the reader is right alongside them as they tried to figure out where to put their feet even as the author tossed another twist that leaves the reader gasping in shock.

The writing is tight, the story flows smoothly and I got to admit, the characters are what this book is all about. Complex yet vulnerable, discovering life isn’t all sunshine and roses and more, Ms. Mallery delivers such life like characters that I was ready to go meet these wonderful people the moment I meet them. That right there is the testament to this author’s storytelling. Her characters are believable, their situations something you can understand and might have experienced and just, for one second, can sympathize with them as well. You will fall in love with Pam, Shannon and Nicole right from the first page and I got to admit, I am really, really hoping she makes this a series because I want to know where these three friends are going. She leaves just enough unfinished sub-plots going on that make me hopeful we will see more of Mischief Bay in the future.

If you enjoy tight knit friendship stories then you will enjoy the latest book by Susan Mallery. THE GIRLS OF MISCHIEF BAY will leave you reaching for tissues even as you laugh at some of the scenes as you flip the pages and the ending will leave you with a smile on your lips while you hope these three wonderful multi-dimensional characters get their own happy ever after. I am really eager to pursue her backlist to see what appeals to me as I await more on Mischief Bay and these wonderful friends.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement.

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