Thursday, August 20, 2015

DARK GHOST by Christine Feehan

Dark #27
Berkley Books, September 2015
Hardcover from publisher
ISBN:  042527733X
ISBN13: 9780425277331
Paranormal Romance


Christine Feehan’s latest Carpathian novel, DARK GHOST, comes out this fall and this reader really wanted to like it, really.  Like all the other twenty-six books in this series, DARK GHOST is a paranormal romance between a Carpathian vampire hunter and a human with psychic abilities that is his long searched for lifemate.  This book is Andre and Teagan’s story.

Andre has been battling the undead for centuries, holding out against the darkness that threatens to overtake him as he searches for his lifemate.  Now he has been severely wounded by a master vampire and has gone to ground in the Carpathian mountains hoping to heal for one last battle with the evil vampire.  Teagan has come to the mountains looking for a certain crystal that is calling to her.  Teagan is able to use crystals to heal and she will need this one for her grandmother who has started ranting about vampires to the extent that Teagan’s relatives are concerned for her grandmother’s sanity.  The search for the crystal leads Teagan to a warded cave where she manages to unravel the wards and finds an unconscious Andre.  She manages to heal Andre and he immediately recognizes her as his long awaited lifemate.

DARK GHOST is Christine Feehan’s twenty-seventh book in her Dark series of Carpathian stories so it is understandable that not every story is going to hit it out of the ballpark and sadly this one really does fall short of the mark.  It isn’t that the characters weren’t interesting, they were.  Andre is tall, dark and handsome.  He is very alpha and puts his woman’s safety and happiness above all.  But he was at the end of his endurance when he found her and he wasn’t taking any chances.  Teagan was a little spitfire.  She was intrigued by Andre but wasn’t jumping feet first into the whole Carpathian lifemate thing without some serious questions first.  Smart.  But then he gets in her head and manipulates her and she isn’t sure what to think anymore.  The next thing you know, she is turned Carpathian, being forced to adjust to her new life, a battle with a few vampires ensue and the story ends.  Just like all the other books in the series.  Same old potato chips recycled once again with new characters.  This reader must have put this story down and picked it back up four times before finally finishing it.  There were no surprises at all.  The love scenes were lackluster at best and the fight scenes ended as expected.  Score another win for the Carpathians, but a giant disappointment for readers if they were looking for DARK GHOST to be anything more than the same old story with different characters.

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