Saturday, October 3, 2015

Safe At Last by Maya Banks

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Date published: 6/23/2015
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Gabrielle  (


Obtained via publisher
Rating: 3.5  Hearts

Safe At Last is the third book in the Slow Burn series. It gives us the story of Zack and Gracie. The two were torn apart so many years ago but Zack never stopped looking for Gracie. His efforts finally pay off but what he finds is not his Gracie. These days pain and betrayal is all she knows and believes. Can Zack show Gracie the truth before it is too late or will it all be lost to them?

I enjoyed meeting Zack but Gracie is much harder to like for me. She is a bit too whiney and her lack of trust in their relationship is hard to take. I understand her reasons but with their closeness it is hard to think that she would truly believe Zack would do that to her. Their story  is  a slow read and I did not find myself getting lost in their world. Gracie has a traumatic secret and until she shares it with Zack he does not know why she hates him so much. Yet their love is true and in the end Zack and Gracie will find the truth. There is a lot of inner dialogue and self thought going on in this story. So much would be easier if only they would communicate better but than we would not have a story now would we?

It was nice to see the devotion and the love that Zack has for Gracie. He never gives up on her or proving his love for her. Readers get more of the mystery  than the romance in this story. Emotions run high in this book. Zack and Gracie travel a hard fought road but true love cannot be denied.

I am a big fan of this author but this book and series did not pull me in like her previous works. I did not feel as connected to these two characters as I would have liked to.  While this book may not be a favorite of mine I am still excited to see just what comes next from this author.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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