Wednesday, October 14, 2015

TOUGH ENOUGH by M. Leighton

Tall, Dark & Dangerous #2
Berkley Books, November 2015
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN:  0425279472
ISBN13: 9780425279472
Contemporary Romance

She is a makeup artist closed to love.  He is an MMA champion fighter turned actor and notorious playboy.  She has already made up her mind about him before she even met him.  But he has never lost a fight yet.

Katie’s politically connected boyfriend didn’t take their breakup well.  In fact, he took it so poorly that he dowsed her with gasoline and lit her on fire leaving her with scars covering a good portion of her body and even deeper scars to her psyche.  She has kept her heart on lockdown ever since.  When she meets MMA fighter turned actor Kiefer Rogan, she has no intention of letting him anywhere near her heart.  But Kiefer isn’t taking no for an answer.  He is just as determined to find a kink in Katie’s armor and has every intention of proving he is TOUGH ENOUGH to win her heart.

M. Leighton’s TOUGH ENOUGH was an interesting story set on a Hollywood movie lot.  The characters were intriguing in that they were both scarred in their own unique way.  The difference was that one had overcome his invisible scars and was moving past them and the other had not yet gotten to that point with her very visible scars.  The lesser characters, Katie’s best friend and Kiefer’s brother, were both strong characters too that added depth to the story and made the main characters more likable.  And then there are Kiefer’s special forces friends that show up near the end of the story.  Surely, they will make appearances in future stories? 

TOUGH ENOUGH is a story of survival at its core.  As the story unfolds, it is impossible not to cheer for Katie and Kiefer’s romance to succeed mostly because Katie and Kiefer both deserve more than simple survival.  And when they finally get a chance at happiness and her past shows back up, well, that is when the pace of the story and the emotional element really pick up.

Fans of contemporary romances and happily ever after endings are sure to enjoy M. Leighton’s TOUGH ENOUGH.  The story is easy to read and leaves a smile on your face.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."


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