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A Thunder Point Novel, Book 9
August 25th, 2015
Contemporary Romance
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3.5 Hearts

For Lin Su Simmons, working in Thunder Point was a blessing. As fixtures at Winnie Banks’ house, Lin Su tries to keep as professional as possible as she nurses Winnie through the realities of ALS. Her son, Charlie is the light of her life and as a single parent; she has built up walls around her heart as well as her life, never showing weakness to anyone. But when professional triathlete Blake Smiley moves next door, Lin Su finds that her heart skips a beat each time he smiles at her. But Lin Su is determined she will need no man to make a home. When Charlie enlists Blake in trying to get out from under his mom’s over protectiveness, Lin Su sees red. But there is more to Blake than meets the eye and it will take the meddling of friends in Thunder Point and Charlie to show her that Blake just might be the perfect man to take a chance on.

I love Robyn Carr’s books as they are filled with relatable characters and entertaining storylines. I normally enjoy my time in Thunder Point but in WILDEST DREAMS, I wasn’t as enamored as I was in the past books. It might have been that I wasn’t too keen on Blake as a hero and it took to almost being 2/3rds of the way through the story to finally enjoy him as Lin Su’s love interest. Also I felt the relationship between Lin Su and Blake felt, at times, a bit forced. Their connection was just tenuous at times and it felt like I couldn’t get behind their relationship like I have done with past couples in the series. That spark I saw with the other couples took some time to materialize for me and to get behind with.  I did like the scenes with Charlie and the rest of the Thunder Point residents. Charlie was smart, chaffing to get out from under Lin Su’s watchful eye and experience life. He was a delight to enjoy reading and I am hoping we see more of him in future books. The writing was as good as ever and the author does a great job in letting the readers know what happened to some of the main characters from past Thunder Point books in WILDEST DREAMS. I love revisiting with them and seeing what is going on with them after their books were done.

WILDEST DREAMS may not have been my favorite Thunder Point story but it is still an entertaining one that I enjoyed. The characters were interesting mix of new and old that delighted me. Plus we got to see some familiar faces pop up that showed that there may something going on in future books that intrigued me. I also loved the relationship between Winnie and Mikhail. These two strong and proud people show such tenderness towards one another and I loved how the author incorporates it in the storyline. The scenes where Winnie just steamrolls over Lin Su and manages her life at times was a treat to read and enhanced the storyline a bit more. WILDEST DREAMS is a story of a woman learning to trust her heart, to let her barriers down to experience life’s joy and love. Even though this wasn’t my favorite in the series, it was still an enjoyable story. Ms. Carr delivers a story filled with real life issues that people are dealing with and I, for one, am anxious to see where the series goes next.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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