Monday, November 30, 2015

UNFORGETTABLE by Shannon Richard

Publisher:    Forever
Published:   January 13, 2015
ISBN:       978-1455547432
Genre:    Contemporary Romance
Format:   Ebook   
Obtained via:  Publisher Edelweiss
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Years ago Hannah Sterling to pursue a life she was sure would be more exciting than that of Mirabelle, Florida.  As an attorney in New York she’s got it all—well almost.  There is the matter of the guy she left behind, along with her heart, in Mirabelle.  With her aunt’s passing and leaving her inn to Hannah she ventures home for a short visit—telling herself it’s only to decide what to do with the inn.  But there is that long ago romance…the one that broke her heart.

Nathanial Shepherd, known to his friends as Shep, never forgot the girl who captured his heart and then left him behind.  When he hears she’s returned he’s determined to win her back.  But with secrets in their past and Shep’s reputation as the guy all the girls want, it’s not clear if they have a chance.  It doesn’t take long for them to be on Bethsaida, the gossip’s radar that rumors fly and more secrets are kept.  And then there’s the hardest part to overcome – their own history. 

I’ve read the first three books in Shannon Richard’s Country Roads series and wasn’t overly impressed with any of them mainly because of heavy emphasis on telling and not feeling any connection to the characters.  They were just dull and two dimensional.  While Bethsaida was entertaining in her own way in book 1, UNDONE, she has devolved into a recurring, but needless character, unless she’s there to bump up the word count.  She’s not funny and if it were a cozy mystery she would have been killed off in the first or second book.

That said, book 4, UNFORGOTTEN was a nice surprise.  I wasn’t going to read it because of how I felt about the first three but since I requested it for review I felt I needed to give it a shot.  Even though it’s been done before – one half of a couple takes off for greener pastures, neither person is over the other, and the “runaway” returns and they find true love, I still enjoyed Richard’s story of Hannah and Shep.  The story seemed to follow the pattern Richard set for herself when she started the series including the female half having to have a pregnancy test.  I also enjoyed the natural way Richard re-introduced the couples from the earlier books.  It wasn’t forced but made an integral part of the story.  Nicely done.

I know the series has its fans.  It’s not for me and with thousands of other books on my ever growing TBR I don’t see myself continuing the series.  If you like contemporary romance with steady characters this might be a good choice for you.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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