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IT’S ONLY LOVE by Marie Force

A Green Mountain Romance, Book 5
November 3rd, 2015
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4 Hearts

Ella Abbott has loved Gavin Gunthrie it seems like forever but when he continuously pushes her away, she figures her love for him will never be reciprocated back. But when Ella finds that Gavin needs her, wants her, Ella throws caution to the wind and lets herself dream of maybe finally having that happy ever after with Gavin.

Gavin Guthrie has lost his big brother to war and in that time has grieved quietly and tried to move on but nothing takes the darkness that is inside him away …until Ella stills the darkness and brings light back into Gavin’s life. He knows it isn’t right to bring Ella into the dark corner that is his life right now but he can’t stay away from the feisty beauty. Can she soothe the ache that lives inside his heart? Can Ella find a way to show Gavin that he can live again in the light with her if he can just takes a chance on their romance?

I got to admit I have been aching for this book since we first met Gavin back in book two and I saw the sparks fly between these two even then. Ms. Force brings these two characters to life in a story that all about love, forgiveness and healing and delivers a pulse pounding ride from start to finish. With the right amount of conflict, romance and sizzling sex scenes to make you melt, IT’S ONLY LOVE delivers a story that will knock your socks off. I love the connection Ella and Gavin have with one another and though I felt Ella should have made Gavin work harder for her, it was a delight to read how these two just clicked in each other’s lives so perfectly. These two were made for one another and the fact Ella just lightened Gavin’s mood and life was a perfect foil to his inner darkness as he battled demons that would have caused some serious heartache for a lot of people.

Ms. Force delivers a heartfelt romance that is equal parts romance and seeing what the characters are up to. I loved meeting the new Abbott, Grayson and hope we get to see more of him as well as see what or who is making shadows in Wade’s eyes. Ms. Force has a way of creating the most life-like characters for her readers to fall in love with and I am no exception. The story moved at a fast pace and the author does a great job in keeping the readers attention with some lighter moments as well as a few upcoming events that will set up for future books (I hope anyways.).

With each book in the Green Mountain Series, I fall more and m ore in love with the characters and the small town it revolves around. One side note, I missed seeing Fred in the scenes and felt we needed a little more of him. But otherwise, IT’S ONLY LOVE is a perfect autumn night read & I highly suggest you have tissues and your significant other nearby as you will laugh, cry and sigh after each page is read. I can not wait to see what happens next in the series and where Ms. Force goes with the characters in the future. She has a gem of a series and one I highly recommend to everyone who loves small town romances with mesmerizing characters to fall in love with.

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