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Here with Me by Heidi McLaughlin


Archer Brothers #1
Heidi McLaughlin Publisher, October 2014
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ISBN:  9780990678809
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
*** 1/2

The first book of Heidi McLaughlin’s Archer Brothers books, HERE WITH ME, is an emotion filled romantic suspense that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from page one.

Ryley Clarke has grown up around the military with both her parents serving their country.  She met twins Evan and Nate in high school and instantly fell in love with Evan.  They were engaged to be married when Evan left on a special mission that was supposed to be a quick in and out.  The military told Ryley that Evan died on that mission along with his entire team and she buried, mourned and eventually put her life back together with her young son from the union.  She eventually fell in love with her best friend, Evan’s brother Nate, and was days away from walking down the aisle when six years after he left, Evan is back with no idea his family thought he was dead.  With Nate on deployment and more questions than answers, it is up to Evan and his team mates to figure out what happened, who knew what and just how he is going to win his love back from the man he has always considered his best friend and now resents.

This reader has mixed feelings about HERE WITH ME.  The story started right in with the action and suspense.  Someone in the military appears to have pulled a fast one and destroyed lives in the process.  The characters are well developed and complex and the events that follow Evan’s return are believable.  However, just about when decisions are starting to be made and some answers might be around the corner, the book ends and readers are left with the realization that this book is really only half of the story.  The story that begins in HERE WITH ME concludes in a second book, Choose Me.  Really?  Perhaps if I had known going in that this book was only half a book, my opinion of the book would be better, but I didn’t know and the abrupt ending was just a big disappointment.  And I suppose a clever marketing gimmick.

Fans of military suspense and romance, conspiracy theorists and stories doomed to leave one of the characters, at the very least, ending up without a happily ever after ending, are sure to enjoy HERE WITH ME, as long as they realize this is not a full story, but part one of two.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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