Monday, January 25, 2016

THE FITZWARREN INHERITANCE by Chris Quinton, RJ Scott & Sue Brown

Publisher: Love Lane Books
Date published: As single stories, 2011. In one volume November 2015.
MM Paranormal
Reviewed by Helen
Obtained via publisher
Rating: 4

Book 1 begins with Mark, a gay psychic whose grandmother insists he investigate a potent curse from the past. While doing so he meets and falls for Jack, a sexy archaeologist.
Book 2 introduces a troubled wounded soldier, Daniel, and the relationship he develops with the local doctor, Sean. Daniel’s personal struggle is complicated by the curse.
Book 3 is Phil’s story. He’s lonely, jealous and frustrated by the curse, until Lee bounces into his life and takes him in several new directions.

It was a good idea to put the three books together in an anthology so that readers can go straight from one story to the next. The curse involves three steps and it’s logical to have a separate book for each step. The three authors did well to work together so closely with their characters and plot. I noticed only one small continuity glitch, and it didn’t affect the plot at all.

“The Psychic's Tale” by Chris Quinton was spotlessly clean and very well written. Ms. Quinton provided a fast paced romance, with an intriguing plot, and seamless interweaving of past and present. There was a hot romantic emotional sex scene, and excellent building of the relationship between the heroes.

“The Soldier's Tale” by RJ Scott was a good second part of the trilogy. There was a fair bit of information and back story added very early in the book, I assume because the books were originally released separately. I felt a few paragraphs of that could have been edited out for this release. Of course it would have been even better had the backstory been interwoven better into the action and dialogue originally. There were a handful minor typos and grammatical errors, but nothing major. Daniel was an excellent character, dealt with sympathetically, but with his flaws and good points clearly visible. Sean was a good foil for him.

“The Lord's Tale” by Sue Brown. I liked this author’s light hand of humor. Even her dedication made me smile. Lee was perfect for Phil, outwitting him at every turn. This book also had by far the highest percentage of hot sex per word count, although Ms. Brown still managed to wrap up the story very believably and with a few twists. Unfortunately this book also had the highest amount of typos and grammatical errors of the three and the minor continuity error. It wasn’t messy but the faults were more obvious when the first book was completely clean.
All three books had the heroes smirking. Authors and editors need to check the definition of smirk. Heroes never smirk. Save it for the villains.
All in all it was a good read, well linked together, with heroes made for each other, a good storyline and a problem to solve. The minor characters flowed through the series coherently and believably, too.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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