Thursday, February 4, 2016


Publisher: Siren
Date published:
December 2015
MM Contemporary
Reviewed by Helen
Obtained via publisher
Rating: 3

Stephanie has decided to get married, and in her inimitable way, she decides her brothers ought to get married as well, in the same ceremony. The real clincher is that she wants the wedding to take place in Granite County, not on the ranch, and in a mere two months’ time.

I found it hard to get into this book at the start. If you’ve read the “Rescue for Hire” series you will know all the backstory. Who is partnered to whom and how they got that way. The reader will also know most of Glenn’s backstory, although they possibly may not have realized the depths of his pain. On the other hand if a reader comes to this book without a working knowledge of “Rescue for Hire” then they’re immediately faced with a huge cast of characters all milling around, and chunks of backstory that the author has done her best to integrate into this book, yet it still slows the story line without really answering all a new reader’s questions. I can see the problem the author faced, and she did well in trying to find a balance, but I think it was an impossible task. This should have been the concluding book in the old series, not the start of a new series. The characters are too interwoven, their stories too integrated into the reason for this book, to make it function as a Book 1.
So top marks for the skill and effort in how she handled the problem, but the task was impossible to achieve. The first four chapters are bogged down just getting the characters and scene set before any real action can begin. By which time I expect any new readers will have given up.

The actual story itself, Glenn and Lonnie’s, is great once we can get to it with some wonderful dramas around the marriages of Glenn’s kids.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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