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The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet: How to Beat Diabetes Fast (and Stay Off Medication for Life) by Michael Mosley


Publisher:     Atria  
Published:     March 22, 2016 
ISBN:       978-1501111228
Genre:      Non-fiction, Health
Format:    Ebook
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Diabetes is one of the fastest growing illnesses in the United States today.  Rates of the disease are increasing due to a number of factors—none good.  It is well-known, and becoming even more so, that diabetes can lead to other illnesses. Medication may help those living with it, but it doesn’t correct the problem.  It only makes living with the disease easier to do. So what do we do about it?

After not only studying the disease but living with it himself, Michael Mosley has developed a plan of attack that he attest can help overcome the disease in eight weeks.  Much of the information in the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet has been written over and over again yet our society, as a whole, just keeps getting sicker.  Mosley offers a relatively quick fix in terms of stopping the disease’s progression before it gets too far out of hand, i.e., in the pre-diabetic phase.  He advocates for an 800 calorie a day diet for 8 weeks.  Other dietary guidelines I’ve read over the years say less than 1200 is not only not healthy, in the long run it is not sustainable.  Mosley does talk about how the 800 calorie limit is to get weight off the person quickly to restore health more quickly.  The book, however, does not go into detail about maintenance after and how to sustain the kind of dramatic loss over time.  I suppose under a doctor’s care it would be safe and the doctor would have some sort of maintenance plan in place.

It is clearly not a plan for everyone but at the same time there are some valid points discussed as well as some recent research on the subject.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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