Thursday, April 7, 2016

BRAVE ENOUGH by M. Leighton

Tall, Dark & Dangerous #3
Berkley Books, April 2016
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ISBN:  0425279480
ISBN13: 9780425279489
Contemporary Romance

New this spring is the latest Tall, Dark & Dangerous book from M. Leighton, BRAVE ENOUGH, a contemporary romance that absolutely tugs at those heartstrings.

He was all that and more.  Tag Barton was everything she had waited her entire life for and nothing like she expected.  This is Tag and Weatherly’s love story.  Tag’s family has taken care of Weatherly’s family vineyard since she was a child visiting on holidays.  Now Tag takes care of the vineyard while his aging mother tends the house for Weatherly’s family when they are in residence.  The attraction when they meet as adults is explosive.  But Tag is not the man Weatherly’s father has planned for her to marry.  In order to avoid the marriage her father hoped for, Weatherly ends up pretending to be engaged to Tag.  But when very real feelings start to develop, Weatherly is left wondering what about Tag is genuine and what exactly is a well-crafted plan to take over the vineyard?

Unlike the first two books in Ms. Leighton’s Tall, Dark & Dangerous series, BRAVE ENOUGH is really more of a love story than a romantic suspense until perhaps the last third of the book.  Despite their very different upbringings, Tag and Weatherly really seem to click.  But Tag has a secret and it takes most of the story to find out what it is.  And when it comes out, Weatherly will have to make some very grown up decisions about her life and if and where Tag fits into it.

The characters were complex and interesting with just enough issues to keep the storyline moving along at a nice clip while keeping readers guessing as to Tag’s secret and the effects it would have on both of them.  The dual point of view storytelling gave insights into both characters and pulled readers into the story.  Readers feeling the love in the air as springtime nears are sure to enjoy the latest Tall, Dark & Dangerous story from M. Leighton, BRAVE ENOUGH.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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