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TEARDROP LANE by Emily March

An Eternity Springs Novel, Book Nine
Ballantine Books
January 27th, 2015
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3.5 Hearts

For physician Rose Anderson, she is good at her job and loves her town of Eternity Springs but she can’t hid the shadows that lurk in her eyes. Heartbreak has reinforced her belief that marriage and a family is not going to happen for her so she hides behind a cheerful personality and capable professionalism. But when sexy, temperamental artist Hunt Cicero drops into her world, well let’s just say he turns Rose safe world into something that is full of passion and desire.

When Hunt meets Rose, he is trying to stay one step of doctor bills from his sister’s illness and help take care of her orphaned children. But Rose draws him like no other woman has and with her maternal instincts and warm personality, She helps Hunt navigate the world of parenting even as they both try to not fall in love. But as the healing magic of Eternity Springs winds itself around these two, can Hunt and Rose try to believe in the power of that love and build upon it or will it blow away in the wind?

In Eternity Springs, author Emily March has created a place where the reader can just fall in love with everyone there plus get caught up in the fabulous place this author has created. I fell in love with this series right from the first book, Angel’s Peak, and each time a new one is out, I am racing to read it. For me, opening a new Eternity Springs novel is akin to coming home after a long time away. You find yourself revisiting favorite characters and places, meeting some new faces and getting caught up with all the residents that make this small Colorado town so delightful. Now if only I could go visit this place in real life!

Rose and Hunt are two characters we met in earlier books and I love how these two just are perfect for one another. Hunt is passionate, brooding artist that brings something out of Rose that she hasn’t felt in a long time. Rose is dedicated and determined but longs for something more in her life. These two are so perfect for one another it’s delightful to read. I love seeing how Rose tamed Hunt and how Hunt gave Rose that feeling of passion and wildness that just lurked under her skin. These two were quite combustible and the scenes together were choke full of sparks that had me wondering if my book was going to go up in flames. The secondary characters are great and keep the story moving along smoothly as they kept my attention as I caught up on my favorites and learned about some of the new ones in town. The characters are what bring makes this series so enjoyable. From Celeste, who is the town’s ‘angel’ to the many other characters that just stole my heart, I found that this series just continues to get better and better with each installment. Now I am waiting with bated breath to see where the author goes next for these beloved characters and this quirky, delightful town that steals my heart each and every time I open one of these books.

is a wonderful story of two lost people who find one another and find what they didn’t know they needed. As they fall in love in a town that believes in the power of love in all its forms, transforms these two in the process of the story, the reader is taken on a journey alongside Rose and Hunt as they face their inner demons and find the strength to defeat them as they move ahead in life. With each page, you can not help but root for this couple to find their own happy ever after as they overcome whatever life threw at them. Now all I can ask Ms. March is….What are you planning next for Eternity Springs? If you love small town stories that are filled with heart, populated with amazing characters and show the power of love in all its forms, then you will definitely need to pick up this series in a New York minute. I suggest reading from the beginning and go from there to get a sense of the town and its amazing characters right from the beginning.

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