Friday, August 12, 2016

MERCENARY by Michele Mannon

Deadliest Lies #2
Swerve Books, September 2016
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN:  1250110440
ISBN13: 9781250110442
Romantic Suspense

Michele Mannon’s MERCENARY is a fast paced romantic suspense that proves there is someone for everyone and sometimes that someone is the last person you ever would have expected.

Madeline and her twin sister Kylie are close but nothing alike.  When her sister fails to show at a pre-arranged meeting time, she does as she was told; she packs up and starts walking away from her life.  When the man that was at their trailer the night before presumably waiting for Kylie pulls up in his truck and offers Madeline a ride three states away to college, she quickly accepts.  Declan is strong, capable and a little bit scary, but something about him draws Madeline in like nothing else.  When trouble shows up on her doorstep a few months later, Madeline knows just who call.

This reader thoroughly enjoyed Michele Mannon’s MERCENARY.  The only thing that Madeline and Declan have in common is Kylie and an incredible attraction.  These two characters are such an incredible pairing.  Madeline is young, naïve trusting and a virgin.  Declan is a trained assassin assigned to kill her sister and as hard as they come.  And he is breaking all his rules when he steps in to save Madeline.  And as much as he tries to keep his distance from her, Madeline is simply not having it.  But when she finally finds out exactly what part Declan is playing in the search for her sister, Madeline’s faith in Declan is really tested.

The storyline is fast paced and exciting.  Questions are constantly popping up.  Nothing is as it seems.  MERCENARY is that book that you just can’t seem to put down.  Readers looking for a sweet and steamy romance, a lot of suspense and a ton of action are sure to enjoy Michele Mannon’s MERCENARY, even if it does leave you eagerly awaiting the next book.  After all, there are enough secondary characters clamoring for their own story to keep readers satisfied for quite some time and all possibilities promise to be just as exciting as MERCENARY.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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