Friday, August 26, 2016

Taylor Maid by Tara Lain

Date published: March 1 , 2016
ISBN: 978-1-63476-814-6
Reviewed by Gabrielle (
Obtained via publisher
Rating: 4 Hearts

Just before his twenty fifth birthday Taylor finds out about a stipulation to his inheritance: he must be married before his birthday. What can a man do the day before his birthday, especially a gay man? Just how is he going to find a woman to marry him and find a way to keep the money he has already promised to the help the gay youth centers with? Has he lost it all already? On a last ditch effort Taylor goes to Las Vegas and circumstances lead him to Ally but Ally hides her own secrets and this may be the one chance for Ally to get away from her problems. What will Taylor do when he finds out Ally’s secret? Can the two find a way to help each other or will all be lost?
This is a sweet romance about finding and fighting for love. Taylor and Ally find love in the last place they thought that they would. Both men are trying to live their own lives and get out from under their over bearing fathers. Taylor may have lived a carefree life but that doesn’t mean he isn’t aware. He is a good man with a big heart and he longs to help those less fortunate than himself. Alessandro is a wonderful man as well. He is smart and talented but stuck under his father’s control. When Taylor comes into his life all that changes. I loved seeing these two men find their way to their happy ever after. Their attraction is strong from the start and it continues to grow into something much stronger. I was quickly immersed in their story and many of the characters endeared themselves to me. So many of the supporting characters made themselves known making this a well rounded and beautiful read. I enjoyed the twists and turns that this story had some we saw coming others were a nice surprise. The author does a nice job of bringing the characters and their world to life. This book is an engaging read and will grab your attention right from the start and will have you cheering for love.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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