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BAY OF SIGHS by Nora Roberts

The Guardians Trilogy Book 2
June 14th, 2016
Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
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5 Hearts

The first star was found and now as the six guardians race to find the second one, danger stalks them in the shadows.

For mermaid, Annika, she has just two more months to help her newfound friends find all three stars and falling in love with time traveler, Sawyer King, wasn’t in the cards. But new to this world, with a purity and innocence that runs off her in waves, Annika will have to find the strength she needs to defeat an enemy that is determined to get the stars, no matter the cost. And this time, it’s going to take all six of them to survive the coming battle because if what the seer, Sasha, is telling them from her visions, it’s going to take blood and courage to get the second star.

Whoa mama, get ready for a wild and thrilling ride in the second book in Nora Roberts acclaimed Guardians trilogy. The first star, the fire star, was found in book one, Stars of Fortune, and as the group of six guardians race to find the second one, the water star, danger stalks them all. I got to admit, reading the second book right after book one, Stars of Fortune, just wetted my appetite to read book three, Island of Glass, which doesn’t come out till December alas. But with BAY OF SIGHS we get t he experience Annika’s joy as she discovers the world as we know it and her pleasure in all she discovers is infectious while reading this wonderful second book. With the right amount of joy, pain, danger and romance we get to experience all with all six characters we met in book one and especially see how Sawyer and Annika finally find the romance they tip-toed around in the previous book. Roberts delivers a strong middle story in her trilogy and that right there is the strong point I can make. Normally middle books in a series or trilogy can be weak or fall flat but not BAY OF SIGHS. It’s a fast paced, action packed story that delivers a few twists you don’t see coming and I, for one, was astounded by some of those twists while I flipped the pages in anticipation of seeing where it leads next. All the characters continue to grow and meld into a cohesive group/team that they need to be while sharing more of their secrets and lives with one another.

What really got to me was how much the characters stand out. They are multi-dimensional, complex and wildly entertaining and with a diverse group here to enjoy, you always find someone to root behind or in my case, root for them all. To be sure, this could have been the same old, same old, kind of paranormal story yet Roberts gives the readers a breath of fresh air in the pre-story of three moon goddesses, an evil goddess and the people who are charged to battle said evil. I felt reading book one and two of this trilogy that it was a new twist on a classic genre that hit all my love buttons and I can not wait to see where the final book goes next, especially as we have two characters still not paired up either. BAY OF SIGHS is a story that will take you from the island of Corfu and the setting alone will leave you longing for the hills and beaches of this gorgeous country. I don’t know where this author gets her inspiration but I am really hoping she never stops writing these stories.

BAY OF SIGHS is a wild and entertaining ride from the first page to the last. Each t ime I thought I new what was going to happen, she flipped it around or threw in something that took me completely by surprise. This is why I just adore this author and can not wait for the final book in the trilogy, Island of Glass, just to see if this wonderful group get the final star and beat back the evil that is determined to have the stars, no matter the cost.

If you are looking for a paranormal series that you can read at the beach then this trilogy is perfect for you. I do suggest you start with book one, Stars of Fortune as the second book capitalizes from that storyline and continues the story started there. I look forward to seeing where this author goes next in her writing. Highly recommend and wildly entertaining!

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