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Montlake Romance, September 2016
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ISBN-10:  1503937224
ISBN-13:  9781503937222
Romantic Suspense

Melynda Price’s BENEATH THE SURFACE is a fast paced romantic suspense that will leave readers chuckling and guessing until the very end.

Freelance journalist Quinn Summers witnessed something while on assignment in Haiti that she shouldn’t have.  Then after running directly to Washington, DC with the information, she returned home to find her roommate murdered and a killer on her trail.  Now, as much as it pains her to do it, Quinn is forced to swallow her pride and run to the one man she would prefer to never see again, the best man from her sister’s wedding, that man-whore Asher Tate, for protection.  But Asher is no bodyguard.  Overbearing, arrogant, off the charts hot – all true.  The ex-Marine Special Forces officer turned mercenary for hire is shocked to find Quinn on his doorstep, but not really all that surprised that she has managed to make some dangerous enemies.  But now Quinn is in Asher’s world, and to survive, she is going to have to cede control to him.

Melynda Price’s BENEATH THE SURFACE was absolutely engrossing from page one.  The action is immediate and never lets up.  Quinn and Asher are so wonderful together.  Her first impression of him was definitely not a good one, even if she is undeniably attracted to him.  The push and pull that these characters exhibit towards each other is positively explosive.  It isn’t until Quinn meets and interacts with Asher’s entire family at a picnic that things start to change for both of them.  And then the action really ramps, in every way possible.

The only negatives this reader had with this story was with the ending.  This reader assumed Asher’s recent troubles were going to somehow intersect with Quinn’s problem, but that didn’t seem to really happen.  His troubles were just left hanging.  And when the killer was unveiled, it just didn’t make that much sense.  He both fit into both characters’ lives and neither at the same time.  The ending just left this reader stumbling trying to fit it all together.

Nonetheless, Melynda Price does an incredible job keeping the excitement and story pace moving along at a hair-raising clip in her latest romantic suspense, BENEATH THE SURFACE.  This is a story you will not want to miss this fall.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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