Wednesday, September 28, 2016

ONCE A RANCHER by Linda Lael Miller

Publisher:    HQN  

Published:    March 29, 2016

ISBN:        978-0373779680

Genre:       Contemporary Romance

Format:     Print

Obtained via:  Publisher  

Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina





Back from his latest film venture Slater Carson just wants to kick back and relax a bit before jumping into his next venture.  The last thing he wants is to get into a relationship. Well actually the last thing he wants is to get married.  He came close once and that was enough.


Likewise, newcomer to Mustang Creek, Grace Emery, isn’t looking for romance or marriage.  She’s pretty much got her hands full with a new job and her ex-husband’s child by his first marriage.  And that son, Ryder, is a handful himself between getting in trouble at school and just being your average teen.  She’s heard about the Carsons, but so far hasn’t had any dealings with the close knit family.  That is, until Ryder steals a sign off Slater’s truck.  Not at all thrilled with her stepson, despite the late hour, she drags him over to the Carson ranch where she has him apologize to Slater and return his sign. 


It takes barely a minute before sparks fly between Slater and Grace and Slater determines he’s going to marry the prickly redheaded Grace. 


I’ve been a Linda Lael Miller fan since her first book, Banner O'Brien in 1984.  Usually I fall in love with her characters.  This one....something was missing.  I liked them well enough and, as usual, really liked the setting.  I just felt like something was missing.  I didn’t feel the passion between Grace and Slater.  There just wasn’t that zing she usually has between her romantically linked couples.  And they fell in love just way too fast for me.  Slater admits he has a thing for redheads and Grace is a redhead.  Done deal. 


And the interweaving of the different relationships…at one point I felt like I needed a score card.  There’s hints of what’s to come with Slater’s two brothers, Drake and Mace.  I really liked Red and his “cowboyisms” and “Harry” the cook is a hoot.  I didn’t dislike the book – it just wasn’t up to what I’ve come to expect from Ms. Miller.  I’ll continue with the series simply because I cannot resist reading her.



This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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