Thursday, September 8, 2016

Scarred Mate by AC Katt

Publisher:  MLR Press
Date published: October 2015
ISBN: MLR -1- 02015- 0459
Contemporary paranormal
Reviewed by Gabrielle (
Obtained via publisher

Rating: 2.5 Hearts

Colin has lived his life in pain always hiding his scar, always being rejected because of it. He has resigned himself to the fact that no one could love him because of it. Nobody ever seems to look past it to the person Colin is.  When fate steps in and Colin meets Marc his life changes for ever. Can Marc truly find him attractive and not care about the scar? For so long his scar is what has defined Colin. Yet Marc and his friends do not even seem to notice it. Colin is not sure what to do and when Marc reveals that they are mates Colin must find a way to get past thinking that Marc and he are only together because of biology.

I really liked the concept of this story but was disappointed in this book. There was too much time taken on describing and naming products. We are repeatedly told the brand of soft drink Colin enjoys to brand name clothing and the stores that the men shop at.  There were also a lot of details about everything from werewolf politics to what a room looked like. All these details made it hard to enjoy the story and get to know the characters. Much of the book read like an outline for the story and the young men who are in the story mostly did things and acted like teenagers not the college age men they are said to be. I found it hard to feel and connect to the emotions that I read. I felt like there could have been a lot more depth to these characters and what they went through.  Each of the mated pairs made a nice couple and I would have loved to see more depth to their characters. Marc and Colin are good together and I would have enjoyed finding out more of their inner voices instead of all the details and name droppings.  Some chapters were short glimpse in the lives of these men but left you wanting more. 
Colin and Marc’s story is about freeing yourself from the past and moving on to a better place. A wonderful message but it could use a better way of telling it.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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