Friday, December 9, 2016

Chapter and Verse (Omega 7) by Willa Okati

Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Date published: November 4, 2016
ISBN: 07845-02531
Paranormal, Romance
Reviewed by
Gabrielle  (

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Rating: 3 Hearts

Lane has sought a life of solitude ever since his mate turned away from him. He lives as far away from civilization as he can get away with. Yet fate has brought him another wolf in need of help. Carey is on the run and fighting for his life. When the two cross paths Lane cannot leave Carey out to fend for himself especially when he goes into heat and needs help the most. In a time and place where Alpha's rule what will happen to two omegas who find themselves drawn towards one another?

Lane and Carey's story is fast paced and grabbed my attention right from the start. Each of the characters had something special about them that draws you in. Lane is hurt by his past but does not let it define him. Carey is stronger than he thinks. Both are good men who have good hearts and are ready to fight for love. There is no way to fight the attraction that they have even when the alpha's come around. I enjoyed seeing the toughness and smarts in Lane. He is worth so much more than his former mate knows. The two men make some hard choices in a world that favors alpha's over omega's. It was nice to watch the two begin to form a bond and fight for their rights.  Love is hard to find and worth fighting for. Lane and Carey find this out the hard way. Their romance moves along nicely and just a touch of action gives their adventure a little excitement that had me turning the pages to see what would happen next.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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