Monday, December 19, 2016

Spell Cat by Tara Lain

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: October 31, 2016
ISBN: 9781634776745
Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by Gabrielle

Obtained via publisher
Rating: 4 Hearts

Killian has led his life believing a lie. He has always been taught to believe the worst about humans and witches coming together. Witches are taught that sexual relations with humans will deplete their powers and that being any part human is wrong. All that Killian believes soon comes into question when he meets one human in particular. Blaine is not shy in his interest of Killian and no matter how many times Killian runs Blaine still chases but will evil find its way to keep these two men apart or will true love find a way?

Killian may be one of the most powerful witches of the day but that also comes with its downfalls. Killian is a good man fighting for what he believes in. As powerful as he is he still has a fight before him and he must always be aware of those that are not truly his friends but only out for what his power can get them. Killian has never felt true love and must decipher not only his emotions but the truth from the lies that the witch council has drummed into his community. With the help of some new friends and Aloysius his new familiar Killian fights hard for not only his but everyone's happy ever after. I enjoyed seeing Killian find true friends and love. He is a good man who deserves it and so much more. Killian may be a strong witch but he soon learns that even those close to him have manipulated him in some way or another but he does not let that stop him. It was nice to see love shine through in this story not just for Killian but for others as well.

Tara Lain does a wonderful job of bringing this world to life. I was quickly immersed in Killian's adventure right from the start and Aloysius is a strong character that has a lot to say without even saying a word. I am excited to see more from Aloysius and this world.


This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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