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Publisher:    Signet
Published:   August 4, 2015
ISBN:        978-0451470829
Genre:       Contemporary Romance
Format:     Ebook
Obtained via:  Publisher  
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Ashley Webb hasn’t had the most steady of lives, mainly because of her own actions.

Tyler – Ty – Reed has spent a lifetime running. Running from commitment, running from people, running from anything there is to run from.

Artistically talented and creative, Ashley has decided it’s time to settle down, pick a goal and follow it through.  She’s put everything on the line to buy Another Fyne Thing—a vintage clothing store in Mustang Ridge.

Ty has returned to Mustang Ridge to help out an old friend, Foster, by leading trial rides and doing what needs to be done at the Mustang Ridge ranch. 

When Ty and Ashley meet it’s not a pretty sight—at least the second time, which no one else really knows about. The first time they met was actually pretty steamy hot…but with Ashley trying to start on a new path, the last thing she wants is for anyone to know about one very hot kiss she shared with Ty at her brother’s wedding. And Ty certainly doesn’t want any ties to the town—once his summer helping out Foster is over, he’s on his way to a new adventure. 

But the residents of Mustang Ridge see the potential for true love when others may not see it and despite Ty and Ashley’s best efforts they see what these two people who have spent lifetimes running don’t. Can Ty and Ashley stop running long enough to see what is in front of them?

I’ve been reading Jesse Hayworth’s Mustang Ridge series since book 1 and have enjoyed each and every read.  Her characters have so much emotion, so much passion for their lives and each story has warmth that reaches into the reader’s heart. 

RETURN TO MUSTANG RIDGE was a good story—but something was missing.  I didn’t connect to Ty or Ashley. While I understood why they took the paths they did—especially when their own histories were revealed, I still felt they were self-absorbed and just no someone I really wanted to know. Something was missing.  It’s not a bad story—just not the best.  I will definitely continue with the series if more books come out—Hayworth is a favorite author after all.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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