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Publisher:    William Morrow
Published:   June 14, 2016
ISBN:        William Morrow P
Genre:       Women’s Fiction
Format:     Ebook / Print
Obtained via:  Publisher  
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


At one time Poppy and Win were as close as two sisters could be. And then something happened. Poppy withdrew and became a flake.  Flitting from job to job, man to man, place to place. Unreliable because her middle name.

Win, on the other hand, became even more stable. She took control of her life and continued to control every little detail. Rearranging her kitchen drawers is a high point of her day.

While they’ve kept in touch, Win has remained at Butternut Lake in the house left to her by her grandmother and Poppy visits here and there.  And then one day Poppy shows up—unannounced.  And not just shows up, she brings all her belongings and most especially her beloved cat, Sasquatch. She’s not there for just a visit.

Poppy has left yet another job and has really no idea where she plans to go next with her life. While Win doesn’t want to give up her solitude, she doesn’t really have a choice but to let her sister move in. As the days and weeks go by, Poppy and Win have a chance to not only reconnect, but to forge a new, stronger, relationship.

I’m at a loss with Mary McNear’s latest, THE SPACE BETWEEN SISTERS.  Her Butternut Lake series is one of my favorite go-to reads. This one was, in many ways scattered.  It just never got off the ground for me. By time what was really going on with Poppy I’d already pretty much lost interest in the story.  I felt bad for her, for what she went through. But I didn’t really like her or Win. At first I wasn’t even sure she loved her cat and when that story thread was addressed I felt bad for Sasquatch, I hurt for him, but not for her.

I don’t know why two romances were dealt with in one book except maybe there wasn’t enough of a word count to write two separate stories. 

The earlier books were just wonderful. I settled in to read them and didn’t want the stories to end.  Usually when a series is as good as this one has been there is always one book that falls short.  THE SPACE BETWEEN SISTERS is, I hope, that book. McNear is such a good writer that I will check out the next in the series and see where she goes with it.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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