Monday, May 29, 2017

A Chat with Carolyn Brown

Q&A for Love Romances and More Reviews


Good morning to everyone. It’s a pleasure to be here to visit with all y’all today. Thanks so much for inviting me. I’m really looking forward to this interview!


  1. For our readers new to you, how long have you been writing?


I started writing my first book when my third child was born a nightowl and wouldn’t sleep until the sun came up in the mornings. That was more than 40 years ago. That book did not sell for many years but I’m pretty persistent so 20 years later I got “the call” and sold two books at one time. It’s been a fantastic trip since 1997 when I really thought someone was playing a joke on me when “the call” came that glorious summer day.

2. What inspired you to pick up the pen (or sit down at the computer) one day and create characters that capture the imagination?


I’ve always been a story teller, often making up all kinds of wild stories to tell my younger brother and sister when we were growing up. But like I said before it took a lot of sleepless nights to make me really start creating characters and writing a story.

3. Most people envision an author’s life as being really glamorous. What’s your take on this and what’s the most glamorous thing you’ve done as an author?


I’m smiling at this question. Sitting here in an oversized T-shirt and flannel pajama bottoms in front of a computer for the tenth hour of this day, it’s anything but glamorous.  It’s hard work that requires discipline, day after day, but I love what I do so it’s a labor of love instead of a job. The most glamorous thing I’ve ever done as an author was having someone recognize me and ask for an autograph. That might not be as glamorous as walking the red carpet but visiting with a reader who loved reading my books was a glorious moment for sure.

4. Growing up, were you more like Lila or Brody in TOUGHTEST COWBOY IN TEXAS?


That’s an easy question for sure! I’m more like Lila. When I go home for a class reunion or a visit and run into my old friends and classmates, they still think of me as being that seventeen year old girl with a wild streak.

5. Looking over the past year, what has been the best moment for you in your writing career?


I’ve had several wonderful moments this year. The last three of my cowboy books with the Forever Imprint hit the USA Today Bestseller list. I was honored for selling hitting the two million book sales mark with Montlake. And I met every single one of my deadlines!

6. This is one of my favorite questions, you’ve gotten the call, a Hollywood producer is going to bring your Happy Texas series to the big screen. Who do you cast in the major roles and why?


First of all, folks from coast to coast would hear me squealing! I would just love for Scott Eastwood to play Brody. I was so impressed with his lead role in The Longest Ride. And Rachel Bilson is definitely a candidate for Lila. She’s sassy and full of spunk and the right age to play the part. Now when are we having this casting call?

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