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BLOOD KISSED by Keri Arthur

Book 1 in Lizzie Grace Series
Keri Arthur/Amazon
May 9th, 2017
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase
3.5 Hearts


For Lizzie Grace, she wants nothing to do with her magic or her family. Being born in one of the blue-blooded families of witches, she shuns her family after the death of her younger sister. Living in a small town of Castle rock with her familiar and BFF, Belle, she finds life is quiet and her and Belle’s new cafĂ© is gaining in popularity with the residents. That is until a local resident comes to Lizzie and Belle with a plea to find her missing daughter. With misgivings, Lizzie reluctantly agrees to try to help but it also puts her smack dab in the middle of a hunt for a vampire...a vampire that was once a witch. Now as Lizzie races to figure out the clues, a cat and mouse game erupts between her and the killer and this time even as Lizzie tries to keep her identity and secrets to herself, the time is coming where Lizzie will either have to continue hiding who she really is or embrace what she is and the magic inside her.
BLOOD KISSED is an exciting new series from author Keri Arthur and one I was spellbound by. It had all this author’s trademarked items-writing, worldbuilding and intriguing characters as well as a setting that just blew me away. What I loved about this was she centered on Lizzie and Belle and not the potential romance of Lizzie and the local werewolf ranger. I loved finding out about Castle Rock, the three werewolf packs and how magic is now integrated in the world. The author does an amazing job in capturing Lizzie’s desire for being invisible and more even as Lizzie is drawn to finding the missing girl. The writing is tight, story flows smoothly and you get a sense there is more to this little town that you may think by the time the story ends.

What I loved the most was how this author took a step into the Indie publishing market with this little story and it blew me away. I loved the way Belle and Lizzie banter back and forth, I am intrigued by the ranger who is attracted to Lizzie yet is determined to do his job regardless and the witch/magic angle is fascinating. This author has an exciting premise to the series that just makes me eager for the next book.

If you read Ms. Arthur’s other series (Riley Jensen,Outcast, etc), you know you are in for a hell of a ride with BLOOD KISSED and you better get ready because Lizzie is about to discover that her life will never be the same again. I am eager to see where this author goes in this series and if the readers will discover alongside Lizzie just what kind of power she has and just how powerful is Lizzie as well as Belle. Ms. Arthur does an amazing job in introducing Lizzie and everyone in Castle Rock to the readers and I look forward to more. I just hope I am not waiting an eternity for the second book.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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