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MAKE THEM PAY by Allison Brennan

A Lucy Kincaid Novel, Book 12
St. Martin’s
March 7th, 2017
Mystery/Thriller, Suspense, Crime
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase
4.5 Hearts


It’s finally here, the day Lucy Kincaid and Sean Rogan have been waiting for, their wedding day. Things are quiet and they are both finally healing from the events in the last few months that almost fractured them and their relationship. That is until Sean’s estranged sister, Eden, shows up on their doorstop and then all hell breaks loose. With Sean dealing with the newfound knowledge that he has a son and Lucy trying to find the black-market babies from the last case, Eden is focused on a scheme her and her twin brother have put together. Liam is determined to settle the score with Sean and his family and with Lucy in the cross-fire, Sean will pull no punches as he and the rest of the Kincaid/Rogan clan go after Eden and Liam. But a longtime enemy of the Rogan family is determined to use this opportunity to get their revenge even as Lucy’s safety is in jeopardy.

Wow, just wow is all I can say after reading the latest in the Lucy Kincaid series. MAKE THEM PAY is a wild ride from start to finish and the reader better hang on to their hays because this time the stakes are even higher than before. I absolutely adore this series by Ms. Brennan. We get complex cases to be solved, characters that grow with each book and the writing is just so good that you cannot put the books down at all. In this new book in the series, we are finally just days from the Kincaid/Rogan wedding when disaster hits. From Sean’s newfound son breaking rules left and right to his estranged sister showing up under the pretense that she is here for the wedding, the reader is drawn into the story as Lucy, Sean and their friends/family are assaulted on all sides. Add in wedding jitters, fallout from the black-market case they just solved a month ago and more and the reader is treated to a story that will take them on an unexpected journey and tear their heart out, stomp all over it then put it back in. It’s definitely one story that you need to have read the past book, The Lost Girls, in order to understand the ramification of the past events mentioned in MAKE THEM PAY.

MAKE THEM PAY is a tightly written thriller that has unexpected twists and turns that will leave you gasping even as you race to the next page to see what happens next for the characters. Ms. Brenan does an amazing job in capturing her characters hidden nuances and vulnerabilities even as the story weaves its spell around you. I just adore all the main characters and love how Lucy as a person just grew and healed up after her past caused her to close herself off to others. Sean is a big part of that healing and he gives her the security she needs to open her heart up to him even as she does the same to him. The secondary characters are just as well written as the main characters and keep the story moving along nicely. I especially love SSA Noah Armstrong who has a hidden history with Eden Rogan that was intriguing to say the least. Ms. Brennan delivers a wonderful story that will thrill you then chill you to the bone even as it steals your heart. If you haven’t tried this series yet, I highly recommend it and make sure to start at the beginning with The Prey and going from there. I look forward to seeing where the author goes with Lucy, Sean and the gang even as the cases get more complex and deadly.

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