Wednesday, July 5, 2017

TO TOUCH YOU by Cardeno C.

Publisher: The Romance Authors LLC.
Date Published: May 4, 2017
ISBN# 978 1 942184 69 0
Paranormal shifter romance
Reviewed by: Gabrielle (

Obtained via author
Rating: 4 hearts

Yoram met his true mate when he was a child and through circumstances not of his making Yoram saves Salvatore’s life. As he grows up Yoram longs to reunite with his mate but when he finds him again as a teen he is turned away and painfully so. Yet when Yoram learns that his mate needs him he does what he can to help Salvatore but soon things in the pack take a turn for the worst and Yoram can no longer help his mate. Salvatore comes back to the small town in search of Yoram and finds a man instead of the young boy he turned away so many years ago. Can Salvatore figure out what is going on or is it already too late for him and Yoram?

I enjoyed watching Yoram and Salvatore’s journey unfold. I loved Yoram right from the start and even as an adult he always cares for his mate even if the feelings were not returned. He understood the significance of a true mate and did all that he could to help Salvatore and never held anything against him. Salvatore was a lonely man before Yoram saved his life and continued to be so until push came to shove and he needed to find Yoram.  Soon Salvatore begins to understand and realize his mistakes but it may be too late for redemption. Yoram is a grown man now with problems of his own that cannot be ignored. Seeing the two men find a connection made for a nice read.

Their story takes place over many years but the author does a nice job of pacing the story. It is filled with emotion and at times it will pull on your heartstrings. This is a nice addition to the Mates Collection series. It was nice to see what happens in the Miancarem pack during the struggle of Korban and Samuel’s journey that we enjoyed earlier in their book from inside the Yafenack pack. The author has done a wonderful job of intertwining all the characters’ lives and packs and keeping this world fresh and engaging. I am excited to see what will come next in this world.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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