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William Morrow
June 20th, 2017
Women’s Fiction
Reviewed by Dawn (
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4 Hearts


Sous-chef Quinn Weller is just living day to day after losing her sister in a devastating car accident. She has a good if demanding job in the hottest restaurants in Los Angeles, a somewhat of a boyfriend determined to get her to his thinking of being married and she seems to be on the fast track to having the perfect life. Except Quinn is lost and feels empty, not knowing why. Until a lawyer finds her and delivers a bombshell: she is the heir to an inheritance in a place called Wildstone, California. Shocked and feeling like her life has been a lie, Quinn picks up and goes to Wildstone, expecting to take over a house or something. What she finds is a small town where gossip is the norm, people are friendly and the simple pleasures start to grow on her. But when she finds out the second portion of her inheritance, a sister she never knew she had. Can two wildly different people get through the loss of a life, of a person to see that they need one another? Can Quinn find it in her heart to let herself be loved by not just her new-found sister but also by the town of Wildstone?

Wow is all I can say after reading Jill Shalvis’s new book, LOST AND FOUND SISTERS. It’s a wonderful tale of a woman floundering after a major loss, just going through the motions and not moving forward. Quinn is stuck in life so to speak. I loved this book so much because it delivers wonderful characters that are quirky, intriguing and downright enjoyable. You got Quinn, who is struggling with all the bombshells going off around her and then there is Tilly, a teenager who lost her only parent, finds herself with a sister she didn’t know she had and uncertainty in where her place is in life. These two stole my heart right off the bat and kept it even after the last page is read. I loved Quinn and Tilly so much. They are delightful, entertaining even as Tilly tries to one-up Quinn and their unconventional relationship gets stronger even as these two try to forge a bond, a bond that happens even as both try to avoid it. I loved the scenes with Quinn trying to parent Tilly, of finding her place in the town of Wildstone and starting to move forward in life with cutie, Mick, a man determined to have nothing to do with Wildstone, yet finds himself there a lot. These three are just the tip of the delightful cast of characters that make up LOST AND FOUND SISTERS and I truly loved each of them. They had me laughing over their quips and comments, sighing as they delivered some of the best snarky comments I have read lately and kept me glued to the book till the very end.

LOST AND FOUND SISTERS is more about one woman finding her place in this world, moving forward after a major loss in her life but also about forgiveness, desire to be loved and cherished and above all, finding their place where they belong, be it in a small town like Wildstone or big city like Los Angeles. Ms. Shalvis delivers a heartfelt read that will take you on a journey that is plain amazing and delightful. I for one wish I could visit Wildstone just to meet these amazing people, have a cup of coffee at Caro’s Café and find out all the gossip. Ms. Shalvis is a talented writer who hits it out of the park in her first women’s fiction book, LOST AND FOUND SISTERS and I, for one, can’t wait to see if this author will return to Wildstone, California for more stories.

If you enjoy a story full of complex and wildly entertaining characters set in a small town that is just as fascinating then you need to check this book out and maybe fall in love with this author’s writing. I look forward to seeing where she goes from here.


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