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TALON by Julie Kagawa

Talon Series Book 1
Harlequin Teen
November 1st, 2014
Young Adult Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Action-Adventure, Dragons
Reviewed by Dawn (love2read282gmail.com)
Obtained by self-purchase

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In the Talon organization, hatchlings must spend around three months showing Talon they can blend with the humans and hide their true nature. But for Ember and Dante Hill, twin sibling dragons, this summer of fun and relaxation is not what it was supposed to be. Rogue dragons, the Order of St. George are just the tip of the iceberg as these two siblings try to navigate their accelerated training and find out what careers they will have in the Talon organization. But for Ember, change is coming and it’s going to take all her strength to break from the past and fly to the future because when the mortal enemies of the Talon organization, The Order of St. George, there will be death no matter what. Take a leap and see what Ember is willing to do to have the future she wants; not what others want for her.

TALON just blew me away. I had this series on my bookshelf for a while now and I am so glad I decided to try it after finishing the last mediocre book. This is a story of not just the dragons, which by the way are awesome but also of their enemies, the order of St. George as well. TALON gives you a fast-paced story that literally leaves you gasping in disbelief as you flip the pages quickly to see what is happening next. Ms. Kagawa delivers a story that is equal parts action adventure, romance and thriller. You have dragons, those glorious dragons, so delightful and so different than I have read before. I loved how this author delves in to the world of dragons and the history behind them. I loved how this author gives us such amazing and entertaining characters to fall in love with, even those ‘bad guy’ St. George soldiers. This is an author who knows how to let her characters shine in all ways, to show their vulnerabilities and flaws to the reader and to get you, the reader, to fall in love with them all. I’ve always loved this author’s work but TALON just takes the reader for a ride and doesn’t let them off till the last page is read and even then, you are left eager for more.

Meet Ember and Dante Hill. Twin sibling dragons, an anomaly in the dragon world. Dante has always walked the straight and narrow but once Ember tastes the breath of freedom, well let’s just say she tests her limits and rules to the max. I adore these two, not because they are dragons but also because the author does such a wonderful job in keeping them as different as night and day yet also have a strong bond between the siblings that tug at the heartstrings. Dante is trusting, a follower and believes in Talon 100%. Ember on the other hand is willful, determined to carve her own path even as she chafes at the strings and restrictions Talon organization has placed upon her. The characters are what makes this series so downright enjoyable. Ember is snarky, determined and fearless. Dante is methodical, a thinker and determined to toe the line with Talon. The secondary characters deliver more punches to the storyline and keep the reader guessing on what happens next.

TALON is a delight to read and one I am eager to read again. I am looking forward to seeing where this author will go in the series as Ember, Dante and the rest of the cast of characters find themselves on the front line of a war that if it got out to the humans, would be devastating to them all-Dragons, St. George soldiers and humans. Run-don’t walk-to grab this wonderful entertaining novel and settle in for some amazing storytelling.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement


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