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An Eternity Springs Novel
St. Martin’s Press
June 27th, 2017
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley

3.5 Hearts


Brick Callahan is enjoying his summer as he finds his campground the hot place to be in Eternity Springs. As his luxurious glamping campground catches on, he also rents out to regular folks like the Tornado Alleycats group, who he assumes will be busy with bingo, craft nights and book club meetings. What he gets is seniors who like to skinny dip, laugh and enjoy life. What he doesn’t expect is to find his best friend Derek’s sister, Liliana, skinny dipping with them. When he spies her in all her glory he is struck dumb and finds that Lili is all grown up.

Liliana Howe is escaping from her life and the betrayal she has experienced from those close to her. Spending the summer with the alleycats is just what she needs but she never anticipated bumping into her childhood crush, Brick Callahan. Sparks fly and as Lili and Brick give into their mutual desires for one another, the past comes barreling down to engulf them both, Can the magic that is Eternity Springs show them the way to their hearts or will these two be destined to be just a summer fling?

Emily March’s Eternity Springs series is one I absolutely devour every time I pick up one of these books. It’s like a return to your favorite town and you see all the regulars around. It’s old friends and I for one love returning to this quaint little town in Colorado. Ms. March delivers a wonderful story that brings her beloved Callahan’s to Eternity Springs and gives us a story of childhood friends that have that spark, that if carefully nurtured will turn into something so much more if they work at it.

We are introduced to Liliana Howe and her family right off the bat and I really felt for her. She is the quiet, unassuming daughter in the Howe family and one that doesn’t aspire for greatness, just something other than being an accountant. When events conspire against her and accusations fly against Lili, the reader cannot help but feel for her. As the ‘good’ daughter, she has done the right thing all her life, even without any thank you’s or pats on the back. I love Lili so much. She is a sweet girl next door that comes into her own while in Eternity Springs. I loved her spunkiness as she figured out just who she was and where she wanted to go in her life. Coming out of her comfort zone, Lili finds her inner strength and finds friends in the Alleycats, the residents of Eternity Springs and especially Celeste, the angel of Eternity Springs. Brick is a delight if at times a total man who can be quite clueless at times even as he fights his attraction o Lili. These two just work together in all ways. Brick pushes Lili to her feisty side while also showing just how much he wants her. Lili shows Brick that being with her is something so much more than he even expects. With her trademark style, Ms. March delivers a heartfelt story that tugs your heart in all ways and leaves you breathless when the last page is read. The story flows smoothly and has a few twists that just had me gasping in shock as I flipped the pages to see what happens next. The secondary characters are well written and I loved catching up with returning characters from past Eternity Springs books.  

A STARDANCE SUMMER is a perfect summer read and one that will give you a ton of feels even as you laugh, cry and swoon over the characters in the book. I look forward to seeing where this author goes next in the series and I am really hoping she gives us more of Brick’s foster brother, Josh and the rest of the Callahan’s.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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