Wednesday, September 27, 2017

FURY CALLING by Yasmine Galenorn

Fury Unbound Book 4
Nightqueen Enterprises
August 22nd, 2017
Urban Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Paranormal/Fantasy, Action-Adventure
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by author

4.5 Hearts

Her name was Fury, an oath-bound Theosian (minor goddess) who hunted down abominations who came into our world from the World Tree and sent them back to Pandoriam. After retreating from Seattle after the Order of the Black Mist unleashed a systematic attack across the world and then a Tsunami hit Seattle afterwards, Fury and her friends and allies find themselves rebuilding in to the Wild Wood, taking what they can from the past to rebuild for the future. But Fury, while training with Hecate gets a vision from Gaia, she realizes they need to have one last stand in Seattle with the Lyon and his minions. But there is a traitor in their midst, one who will stop at nothing to stop Fury and her friends from stopping Lyon from opening the door to the Chaos realm.

FURY CALLING is a heart stopping wild ride from start to finish. The author has been leading up to this book in the first three books and we get the satisfying conclusion to this story arc in FURY CALLING. But let me warn you that you need to start from the beginning of this series, Fury Rising, to understand all the characters and events mentioned in FURY CALLING. I just fell in love with this series right from the start. Ms. Galenorn delivers a story that spans four books, includes some of the most amazing cast of characters that I have read and a storyline that just held me in thrall. Her attention to character development and storyline advancement is phenomenal. I got to admit this author’s way into world building just awes me to pieces. The story flows smoothly and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat till the very end. Hang on to y our hats, readers, it’s about to get wild.
FURY CALLING is a story about new beginnings and endings, happy and sad. With a breakneck speed, the story winds its way around you as you flip the pages and race alongside these intriguing characters. The twists and turns this author gives the readers kept me glued to the pages. You will laugh, cry, smile and cheer even as some sadness as these beloved characters find themselves at war with Lyon and the Order of the Black Mist. Can they stop this manic from unleashing even more horrors upon the world? Will Gaia unleash another storm to corral the people here on earth? This author does an amazing job in keeping the reader glued to the pages and I for one am eager for more. So even as this story ARC is done, I am hopeful the author comes back to Fury, Tam and the gang in the future because I would love to see what they are up to and what storm awaits them in the shadows.
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