Thursday, September 14, 2017

IF NOT FOR YOU by Debbie Macomber

New Beginnings Series Book 3
August 22nd, 2017
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
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4 Hearts


If Beth Prudhomme didn’t get fed up with her sweet but oh so controlling parents, she never would have moved to Portland near her aunt Sunshine, a new job as a music teacher and new friends such as fellow teacher, Nichole. When she gets set up on a blind date, Beth is resigned to an awkward evening making small talk and a longing for something else. But when Beth meets Sam, she finds him totally out of her comfort zone. Sam is long haired, tattoos galore and seems to be more at ease in a biker bar than at an opera. But when tragedy strikes Beth, she finds another side of Sam that causes her to reassess her first impression of him.

Sam was sure Beth is a tight-laced society girl and at first glance she is that but when Sam helps Beth in her time of need, he finds something different about her, something that calls to him even as he tries to fight his attraction to her. Soon an unlikely friendship emerges between these two opposites and they find that romance that surprises them to pieces. But when Beth’s well-meaning if controlling mom comes to Portland, family secrets and more engulf Beth. Unfortunately, when secrets come out about Sam’s past, Beth will have to figure out her feelings for this unconventional blue-collar guy but when Beth goes too far and hurts Sam, can she figure out a way to show him how sorry she is and heal the break between them? Or will she lose the one person who has become the most important person in her life?

IF NOT FOR YOU by Debbie Macomber is a sweet and entertaining story about two people who are opposites but are just perfect for one another. The story flows a bit slow in the beginning but picks up steam after a few chapters in. If you stick with it, you will find the heart of the story and the characters themselves. This is an author I adore since I discovered her books years ago, especially since she writes such uplifting and heartwarming stories to enjoy. This is an author who knows how to steal her readers hearts and deliver stories that deal with everyday issues such as new jobs, blind dates, divorce, relationships, etc.

The core of this author’s books is her castoff characters and IF NOT FOR YOU continues with some amazing characters to fall for. We got Beth who is determined to make it on her own and find her own path in life, just not the one her parents want for her; there is Sam, who is determined to not get involved in a relationship and the secondary characters such as Beth’s aunt Sunshine who has secrets of her own that slowly come out. These plus a few returning regulars from the first two books keep the story moving along and kept my interest till the very end. They are multifaceted and so likeable that I was dying to go grab a coffee with them or have a chat.

IF NOT FOR YOU is a sweet story that will give you so many feels even as you root for Beth and Sam to find their way over the bumps life throws at them. I loved seeing how their unlikely of friendship turns to love even as both try to fight it at times. If you enjoy a contemporary story that will steal your heart with a great set of characters, then you will definitely enjoy IF NOT FOR YOU. You don’t have to read the first wo books (Last One Home & A Girl’s Guide to Moving On) to follow this one as it can be read as a standalone story. Though I highly recommend reading these first two books especially as Nichole plays in Beth’s story a bit and her story is just as compelling as Beth’s. Now I am eager to see where this author goes next in the New Beginnings series and hope we don’t have to wait too long.
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