Wednesday, September 20, 2017

LEOPARD’S BLOOD by Christine Feehan

Leopard People #10
Piatkus Books, September 2017
ISBN:  0349416540
ISBN13: 9780349416540
Paranormal Romance

The tenth book in Christine Feehan’s Leopard People series, LEOPARD’S BLOOD, evokes warm sultry evenings on the bayous of Louisiana as the perfect mix of romance and violence.

A leopard shifter born in the bayou, Joshua Tregre made his mark in the rainforests of Borneo before being asked to take over a crime syndicate in his home state of Louisiana.  He wasn’t looking for a mate, but when the fates decide to put Sonia in his path, Joshua will do whatever he has to in order to keep her safe.

Sonia had no idea of her dual nature until the day her leopard, Gatita, rose to Sonia’s rescue and saved her life when Sonia’s husband tried to kill her.  Now Sonia is hiding in the bayou, trying to put her life back together.  Joshua and Sonia are thrown together when she is sent on a construction job to Joshua’s estate and Joshua’s leopard recognizes Gatita/Sonia as their mate.  Now, what are the chances that the very man Sonia is running from will end up crossing paths with Joshua?

Christine Feehan is definitely back on her game.  The last few books that this talented writer has penned have really taken her readers’ comments to heart.  Feehan has let up on the constant sex to give her fans a whole lot more storyline to go along with all that passion and it has really put her books back on top.

Sonia is a strong female lead on the run from the Russian mob, determined to put her life back together in the quiet of the bayou.  When Sonia’s cat goes into heat, she ends up attracting the interests of Joshua’s leopard who immediately recognizes her as his mate.  Weary of getting Joshua involved in her mob problems, Sonia is reluctant to give into her strong feelings for him even while her cat is mating with his.  But Joshua is one of the good guys and he has no intention of allowing anyone to take what is his.

A wonderful storyline, strong multifaceted characters and the beautiful backdrop of the Louisiana bayou all come together to make this fast paced romantic adventure another possible best seller.  This reader is super happy she stayed with Ms. Feehan and all her wonderful supernatural tales.  LEOPARD’S BLOOD is just that good.

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