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Date published: June 30, 2017
Contemporary, M/M
Audio book
Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher

Rating: 4 Hearts

This is Will’s story. He was introduced to us in the first book of this series as Raven’s best friend. Will is a good man with a big heart but we see the hurt that he has dealt with and just how he came to work for Idyll Fling. With what happened at his last job Will is very territorial and is determined to do everything on his own even if that means working himself to death. When a man from his past shows up and is given a job on Will’s team he does not know what to do. He longs for Dallas but he is positive that Dallas is the one that stole his job. Little does Will know that his thoughts could not be further from the truth if he tried. Will the two be able to find a way to work together and maybe even give the attraction that they have a chance?

It was nice to see Will’s backstory and you begin to understand why he practically lives in the server room and does what he does. Will’s life made an unexpected change and the man he has laid the blame on is Dallas. He is more than confused with his strong feelings for a man he wants to hate. When he learns the truth, he may have already lost the battle. Dallas has his own demons and is trying to get healthy again and will not let the past and false accusations bring him back down.
Narrator David Ross brings this audio book to life and had me quickly immersed in their story.  I enjoyed the emotions and the depth of these characters. Each one is fighting his own battle and they each must come to terms with their feelings and wants. It was great to see Raven and Jaime make appearances in this story and I loved seeing the banter between Dallas and Stefan. Love is strong throughout this book. Will and Dallas have an uphill battle but it is worth every minute.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.



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