Monday, October 16, 2017


Publisher: Pride Publishing
Date published: December 2016
ISBN: 9781786515216
Contemporary, erotic romance, M/M, BDSM
Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher

Rating: 4 Hearts

Whip and Nicky continue their adventure in this book. Having met and hitting it off at the Gay Riders’ Carnivale the two men decide to take a chance on love and try for a relationship. As Nicky and Whip get comfortable in their new-found emotions Nicky’s past comes calling and their love is put to the test. Will Nicky learn to turn to Whip in his time of need or will his past master tear these two men apart? Whip understands Nicky and knows his past so he is willing to work through things but will Whip get pushed too far and let Nicky go or is their love strong enough to withstand it all?

I loved the previous book where Whip and Nicky met and am happy to say that their story continues in the same way. It was nice to see Nicky grow and be able to develop his self-worth once again. Whip is a great man and is the perfect Dom for Nicky. The love and trust that they share continues to grow and make them stronger. When danger comes calling Whip is more than ready to help Nicky. The two make a great couple and the love that they have for each other shows in everything that they do.    Whip and Nicky may have been brought together by strange circumstances but they are happy and more than willing to fight for that happiness.
Bringing Nicky Home is a fast paced and engaging read. I loved seeing more of Whip and Nicky and how they build a home together. Their relationship is built on a strong foundation and only grows from there. I enjoyed visiting with them again and hope that this is not the last we see of this world and its characters.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.



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