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ENIGMA by Catherine Coulter

A FBI Thriller Book 21
Gallery Books
September 12th, 2017
Thriller/Suspense, Contemporary, Action-Adventure
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley

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When FBI agent stops a madman from harming a pregnant woman, he finds more questions than answers when the mystery that surrounds this man deepens as the guy goes into a coma. When the woman he rescued has her baby, Savich finds out that the mystery continues especially after her baby is kidnapped hours after birth. Now Savich and Sherlock are in a race to figure out the answers to this mystery as fellow agents, Cam Wittier & Jack Cabot, work on finding an escaped federal prisoner in Daniel Boone National Park. Who would help this killer go free and why? Is Savich’s mystery connected to the escape prisoner or is there more to the story?

Get ready to be swept away as Catherine Coulter ramps up the action in this thrilling installment in her beloved FBI Thriller series in ENIGMA. I just love this series and adore Savich and Sherlock’s relationship as well as their interactions with fellow agents and other secondary characters. From the first page to the last, the reader is thrust in two stories in ENIGMA that will leave you reeling from all the twists and turns. I just love her dual plots in her FBI series and find them totally engrossing and thrilling as I flipped the pages to see what would happen next for Savich, Sherlock, Cam and Jack. This is an author who really keeps the reader on their toes with her thrillers. The cases are intriguing and I, for one, can’t figure out until most of the way through the book who are the bad guys are and why they are doing it. That is the testament to this author’s writing prowess and each book in this series keeps the momentum going. The books are not getting stale even after twenty-one stories in the FBI Thriller series.

ENIGMA features two mysteries that may or may not be connected. Savich and Sherlock are trying to figure out why a deranged man targeted a pregnant woman and then collapsed. Plus when that woman’s new baby is kidnapped, well let’s just say the stakes rise even higher. Cam and Jack are trying to find escaped federal prisoner, Liam Hennessey (AKA Manta Ray) in Daniel Boone National Park and find more questions as well as few answers. Who helped Liam escape and why? Both these cases would be intriguing on their own but put them together with a few twists and turns I sure did not see coming, I found myself on the edge of my seat racing alongside these four agents as they tried to find the answers before the clock struck twelve. This is truly a thrilling edge of the seat ride that truly doesn’t let up even after the last page is read. I found ENIGMA to be one of those rare books that I will reread again soon just to get back to those wonderful characters.

ENIGMA is more than a typical thriller, it’s all about people and Ms. Coulter deftly created a series of characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. I am eager to see where this author goes in the series as I impatiently await more in the series. Now how long do I have to wait for the next book?

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