Sunday, October 22, 2017

THE LAST MOVE by Mary Burton

Montlake Romance
September 19th, 2017
Mystery/Thriller, Contemporary, Crime
E-book ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley

4 Hearts

For FBI agent Kate Hayden, catching monsters that stalk the world is what keeps the nightmares at bay in her life. But forced to return to San Antonio over a grisly case, she finds herself teamed up with Detective Mazur as they try to figure out if this is the case of a copycat or if the real Samaritan serieal killer is on the loose. Kate doesn’t think it’s the real killer but as she races after clues and leads, Kate finds herself facing her past in ways she never anticipated. Now as she and Detective Mazur race against time, the killer patiently baits his trap as they keep Kate in the cross-hairs.

I love Mary Burton’s thrillers and this latest one is sure to keep you glued to the pages until the very last explosive page. The story is full of twists and turns that I sure did not see coming and I found myself flipping the pages in my kindle to see where Kate was going next. The climatic showdown between the killer and Kate was unexpected and I was quite amazed at who the killer really was and what was motivating them. Ms. Burton kept the action on high as tension continued to heat up for Kate and the sexual tension between Kate and Detective Mazur was hot. The story is quick and keeps the reader glued to the pages till very end.

If you have read any of this author’s books then you know this is truly a talented storyteller. She creates such complex storylines and some of the most evil of killers in her books it’s amazing I was able to sleep some nights after reading her books. That said, THE LAST MOVE is full of action, mystery and an unlikely of romance that weaves itself along within the pages. I loved Kate even as we slowly find out why she avoids San Antonio and her immediate family, what draws her to the work she does in the FBI and how Detective Mazur gives her something she hasn’t found in a long a time-safety and love. With all that, THE LAST MOVE is one wild ride from start to finish. The characters are complex, intriguing and sometimes downright creepy,

As Kate figures out who the killer is, as she and Detective Mazur follow the breadcrumbs, readers are left on the edge of their seat with anticipation as they get closer to the killer and his final plan. I loved seeing how Kate and Mazur figured out who was behind the killing spree and why they targeted Kate. The twists that happened half way through the story just floored me and I found myself rooting for Kate to get the bad guy. If you enjoy an edge of the seat mystery that will keep you guessing then you will need to grab THE LAST MOVE as soon as you can. I recommend making sure you are fed and whatnot because once you get into the story, you will forget everything else until the last page is read. I am eager to see where Ms. Burton goes next in her books and hope we don’t have to wait long for it.

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