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A Haven Point Novel, Book 6
Harlequin Books
July 1st, 2017
Contemporary Romance, Small Town Romance
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher

3.5 Hearts


For Bowie Callahan, finding someone ASAP to help care for his newfound brother is a priority. Being attracted to Katrina Bailey wasn’t one of them until he sees her interact with Milo and head off a breakdown in the middle of the grocery store. Kat is determined to not work for Bowie. She is so close to her goal in adopting an orphan from South America that she wants nothing to do with rich, entitled Bowie. But looks can be deceiving and as Kat finds out, there is more to Bowie than the what she sees on the surface. As Kat is drawn more into Bowie and Milo’s life, she finds that sometimes what you see isn’t what you get.

I adore this series. Ms. Thayne delivers another wonderful story that is compassionate, delightful as it is heartfelt. The writing is tight and the story flows smoothly with a fast pace. I love meeting Bowie and Milo and finding how these two brothers can come together as a family with a little help. Katrina is a character that comes off in the beginning as aloof and very judgmental. She tears into Bowie and is so cold, I was wondering if this was one book in the series I just wasn’t going to enjoy. Within a few chapters the readers see just how determined she was in her goal in being a better person. Slowly as she warms up to Bowie and Milo, I saw the real Kat behind the fa├žade and loved her to pieces. Bowie is a man drowning-in work, a family situation thrust upon him out of the blue and an attraction to the lovely Katrina that takes him out of his comfort zone. Ms. Thayne captures these two main characters perfectly within SERENITY HARBOR. They just click together even as time and other issues keep cropping up.

This is an author who delivers heartfelt stories that just steal the readers heart with each page turned. The secondary characters from past books pop up and move the story along with smiles, humor and more. I love the dynamics of all the characters and feel this really does showcase what living in a small town is like. Everyone knowing your business, people determined to give their opinion no matter what, etc. Ms. Thayne captures that perfectly in her Haven Point series and makes it a star in the series. SERENITY HARBOR is a jewel in the series and I loved every minute of it. The other star was Milo. What an adorable character and I fell just a little bit in love with him while reading SERENITY HARBOR.
If you are looking for a romance filled with sparks, small town life and just a bit of romance, then you need to read Haven Point series. It’s a fun and sweet series that will steal your heart and never let go. I look forward to seeing where the next book in the series, Sugar Pine Trail, goes in the series next.

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