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WINTER WEDDING Plan by Olivia Miles

Publisher:     Forever
Published:     September 26, 2017
ISBN:        978-1455567263
Genre:      Contemporary Romance
Format:     Print
Obtained via:  Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


After years of being considered the family screw up—and really, in many way she was—Charlotte Daniels is determined to turn her life around.  Granted this came about after the screw up to end all screw ups—she not only slept with her sister, Kate’s finance, she got pregnant by him.  And even after all that, her sister hired her to work for her party planning business.  Not that Kate totally trusts her. But she does turn over one party to Charlotte to handle on her own.  After all, how could she screw up a holiday party right there in town?

Greg Frost but the “bah” in humbug.  The man could put Scrooge to shame with how little he cares for Christmas.  As the heir apparent to Frost Greeting Cards he’s supposed to be all about Christmas – or any other holiday that requires the buying of cards…but Christmas IS the biggie.  And this year, because his mother is determined to land the biggest account of all, Burke’s, she has decreed that Greg will host the party in Misty Point.  With two weeks to plan the party Greg needs to hustle and find a party planner quick.  Even more than a party planner, he needs to fine a fiancé to show Burke’s the Frosts are all about family.  In Charlotte he has the answer to both his problems.  What he doesn’t know is he is also the answer to Charlotte’s problems.

Can a man who has no interest in Christmas and wants nothing to do with children, especially babies, get along, even for a short time, with a woman who has a baby and loves Christmas most of all?  And, can they keep the truth from both their families?

I loved ONE WEEK TO THE WEDDING, Olivia Miles’s first book in her Misty Point series and eagerly awaited her latest, WINTER WEDDING PLAN.  What a fun read!  Yes, there is the angst and sad story you find in women’s fiction, but Charlotte doesn’t see it that way.  She’s a poster woman for how you can turn your life around and make not just your life, but the lives of those around you better too.  She is determined and watching her find the depths of her own personality is really a wonderful process to see. Charlotte’s interactions with Greg’s mother are really well done.

Miles gives just enough backstory to tell readers how Charlotte got to where she is now while catching readers up on Kate and Alex.  The story is heavily character driven, focusing on the changes and realizations that take Charlotte into her future.

Parallel to Charlotte story is that of her cousin Bree and Bree’s struggles to move on from her relationship with Simon.  There were a few times I felt too much attention was being focused on Bree, probably because I really want her to have her own story.  I’d like to see Simon get knocked up-side-the-head.  I also felt that things with Jake were still not resolved.  That man deserves a swift kick in the patooti. He’s a jerk. Plain and simple he is a jerk and readers need to have the pleasure of seeing him get his. 

Each book in the series is a stand alone and you do not have to have read ONE WEEK TO THE WEDDING to thoroughly enjoy WINTER WEDDING PLAN, but you are missing out on a super read if you don’t check them both out.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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