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Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: October 10, 2017
Audio Book

Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher

Rating: 3.5 Hearts

At the latest meeting of single fathers Aiden is introduced to the newcomer named Devon and the two strike up a friendship. Aiden has two girls of his own and Devon’s little one is slightly younger than his baby making it easy for Aiden to help and to understand what Devon is going through.  As their friendship grows so do their problems. Can Devon find his sister and keep the baby out of his mother’s hands or will she succeed in not only taking the baby but also ruining the budding relationship he has with Aiden?  Can these two single fathers find a way to enjoy fatherhood as well as each other?

Narrator John Solo breathes life into these characters and their world. As I listened along I was immediately caught up in the lives of Aiden and Devon.  Being a single father is hard work and any help along the way is great. Devon is so happy to be invited to the meetings at the local coffee shop with the other gay fathers and his friendship with Aiden is a plus.  Devon and Aiden’s story is a sweet one. Their friendship deepens as they spend more time together. The children play a prominent role in this story and we get to see how the men interact with them as well as other men.  It was nice to see Devon find his bearings and begin to trust himself as a father with Aiden’s help. Emotions are strong in this book and you can feel it between the men and their children as well as what they begin to have for each other.

It was nice to go along for the ride with Devon and Aiden. I was quickly immersed in their story and would love to see more from the rest of the men in the group.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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