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GHOST TIMES TWO by Carolyn Hart


Publisher:     Berkley
Published:     October 3, 2017
ISBN:        978-0425283745
Genre:      Cozy Mystery
Format:     Print
Obtained via:  Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Bailey Ruth Raeburn, a heavenly emissary, has been sent back to earth on a most unique mission.  If you haven't previously met Bailey Ruth, she and her dear husband, Bobby Mac, passed into heaven some time ago following the sinking of their boat, Serendipity.  While she loves her life in heaven, she is always ready to return to earth to help someone in need.  This time its to convince the spirit of a young man to ascend the golden steps to heaven.  Having died with unfulfilled dreams and still very much in love with the girl who won his heart, Jimmy has no desire to leave the earthly plane.  The problem with him staying is that Megan Wynn, his one and only true love, cannot move on with her life as long as he is here.  He wants Megan to be happy—but not with Blaine Smith.  Oh, there’s nothing wrong with Blaine per se.  For Jimmy he’s just not Jimmy.  For the most he just seems to “appear” whenever Megan is meeting with Blaine…or he otherwise haunts her apartment.  When Blaine offers Megan a partnership in his new law firm Jimmy tries to dissuade her.  Things get a tad more complicated when Megan’s current boss is found dead and Megan is the one standing over the body.  Can two ghosts track down a killer before he or she strikes again? 

You don’t have to believe in heaven or ghosts to enjoy Carolyn Hart’s Bailey Ruth Ghost series.  You just have to want to pick up an entertaining read.  Hart takes Bailey Ruth down a different road in GHOST TIMES TWO with the introduction of another ghost that the fashionista red head, Bailey Ruth, as the person she’s initially sent to rescue.  Once again Bailey Ruth is dispatched the Adelaide, Oklahoma, but this time she doesn’t pop in to check on her family or some of the other characters she’s helped out in the past which is fine because some new characters are introduced. 

Megan is an awesome character.  Someone you’d like to have in your corner – as are Jimmy and Blaine.  These are people who care about others and will sacrifice their own happiness to help someone out. The killer in this one caught me totally off guard.  I was pretty sure I knew who it was when we meet all the law firm employees, but I was surprised when the killer was revealed.  Getting caught off guard like that definitely made for an even more fun read…I did go back and look for the clues. 

Each book in this series is basically a stand alone.  Hart gives just enough back story on the main characters and what has gone before as well as describing Heaven and the Rescue Express so that if you read them in order you aren’t missing out on anything.  You just want to be sure to read them all because they are truly fun reads.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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