Thursday, July 19, 2018

HOW TO KEEP A SECRET by Sarah Morgan

Harlequin Books
July 10th, 2018
Contemporary, Fiction, Women’s Fiction
Trade Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase
4 Hearts

Lauren and Jenna were close as sisters, living in Martha’s Vineyard. Years later Lauren is dealing with a perfect life in London with her husband and teenage daughter, Mack, who she swears had a personality transplant when she wasn’t looking. Jenna is determined to be pregnant and as she and her husband try to look beyond all the negative pregnancy tests and dashed hopes. Nancy is hoping that her daughters will forgive her as she tries to keep from them the secrets of why she wasn’t as involved int heir lives growing up as she wanted.

Three women come together one summer after a heartbreak brings Lauren, Jenna and Mack together in the small town of Martha’s Vineyard. As the summer progresses, these three very different ladies will have to figure out how to be a family and let the secrets they hold close to their chests out into the open. 

This was the first book by author Sarah Morgan I read, and I got to admit I was captivated by the story within ten pages. I loved the pacing of the book-fast and never seemed to lag in spots. The scenes where it is memories from the past for the girls left me wanting more and my lord, these characters just blew me away. They were well written, highly enjoyable and very relatable. The author does a great job in capturing them perfectly within the pages and keeps the readers glued to the pages as they flip pages to see what would happen next in the lives of Jenna, Lauren, Mack and Nancy.

Meet the family-Lauren who is determined to have a perfect life and marriage in Ed in London, while raising their daughter, Mack. But when tragedy strikes, Lauren will have to dig deep and figure out how to live in her new normal. Jenna is desperate to be pregnant and have a child with her husband, Greg. She doesn’t know why it won’t happen, but the stress is causing her to freak out more than ever. Nancy knows she hasn’t been the best mother to the girls but if she ever told them the reason why, she knows they would never forgive her. Mack is trying to deal with a new normal and a secret that leaves her struggling with life in general and her family specifically. These four will find that in one summer, their lives will change but its up to them if its for the better or not. I love all four ladies and at how different they are to one another. The author does a fabulous job in capturing the characters strengths and vulnerabilities within the story. I loved how Nancy, Jenna and Lauren got through issues from their childhood and learned about how some secrets should be told even if its not what you want to hear.

Sarah Morgan delivers a wonderful new story that is her debut into Women’s Fiction genre and captivated me till the very end. I couldn’t put this book down, it was so good. I was rooting for the four ladies to find their way back to one another and figure out what ‘family’ means to them. If you never read one of this author’s books before, I highly recommend HOW TO KEEP A SECRET and hope you settle in with the perfect beach read this summer. I can’t wait to check out this author’s backlisted titles to see what I want to read next. I am definitely keeping this author on my to be read list for future reading fun.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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