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A Sullivan’s Crossing Novel, Book 3
Harlequin Mira
April 17th, 2018
Contemporary, Women’s Fiction, Romance
ARC Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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4 Hearts

Dakota Jones has left the military and has basically just wandered around the world while trying to figure out what his next path in life is. His older brother and younger sister have settled in the hills of Colorado in Sullivan’s Crossing and Dakota figures he can see what’s up with them while trying to figure out where he will go next in life. But Dakota is unprepared to find that he is in everyone’s crosshairs, including the single ladies who are hoping to catch him for their own. Except the one woman in town who draws Dakota like no other is determined to not be snared by Dakota’s good looks and charm.

As Dakota finds himself enjoying getting to know his siblings again and tries to see them as the adults they are not the remembrances of a childhood filled with pain and upheaval. As Dakota finds out, family are ones who love you unconditionally and that may be the greatest gift he ever will get as it will steer him to the home and love he always longed for.

Robyn Carr’s third installment into the wonderful Sullivan’s Crossing is full of returning characters, some new faces and more that will certainly charm the reader after the first page is read. We meet two of the Jones siblings in the first two books (What We Find and Any Day Now) and I loved catching up with them in book three as well as finding out more about the other Jones’ siblings, Dakota and Sedona. Ms. Carr delivers a heartfelt story that left me hanging onto the pages for dear life as I flipped pages quickly to see where she was taking these wonderful characters on. I love, love, love this series and THE FAMILY GATHERING just cemented it as one of my go to series for a pick me up. The story flows smoothly and quickly and there was just enough of new faces to keep me engaged in the story and invested in the characters. I was thrilled to see more of Sully, Cal, Maggie, Sierra, Connie and a few other familiar faces as well as meet some new ones such as Sidney, Rafe, Rob and more. I loved the way this author captures each of the characters individual personalities and I fell in love with Sidney, her brother Rob and their family as I did with the Jones’. 

THE FAMILY GATHERING isn’t all romance and whatnot, it has mental illness, stalkers and a few other items that had me on the edge of my seat wondering if all would end well for the characters. What makes this book, heck this series, so enjoyable is the characters. They are diverse, intriguing and downright entertaining.  Every time I open a Robyn Carr book, I am brought back to a place where it feels like family. Her gift of storytelling is just amazing, and she does a wonderful service on the world of mental illness, neurosurgery and other issues that were brought up in the series. I can’t wait to see where book four, The Best of Us, goes next now that the Jones siblings are settled and can’t wait to see where her masterful storytelling takes us. If you enjoy a heartwarming series that will tug at your heart strings and will make you laugh, cry then laugh some more, then pick up the Sullivan’s Crossing series and settle in for a wonderful time set in the lushness of the Colorado portion of the Continental Divide and enjoy meeting the residents of this sleepy little place.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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