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LABYRINTH by Catherine Coulter

An FBI Story, Book 23
Gallery Books
July 30th, 2019
Thriller/Mystery, Contemporary, Action Adventure
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
4.5 Hearts

Agent Lacey Sherlock is on her way to downtown Washington when she is in an auto accident. All she remembers is a body hitting her windshield and then nothing but darkness. When she wakes, she finds out no one knows who the guy is except he is a CIA analyst that is still missing.

Meanwhile on another case, FBI agent Griffin Hammersmith rescues a woman claiming she was kidnapped and that the kidnapper killed three other people. But when Griffin investigates it, he finds the accused kidnapper is a member of a prominent family who claim to have psychic powers. When Griffin and the woman he rescued are arrested by the sheriff, he calls Savich for help and they have to work their way through the lies that keep piling up even as Savich tries to help Sherlock and deal with the case of the missing CIA analyst.

Wow is all I can say after reading the latest FBI novel from Catherine Coulter. What a great premise and storyline plus I loved returning to past characters again to see where they went on after their book. Ms. Coulter delivers a fast paced, action packed story that will keep you glued to the pages until the very last page is read. I know I was just blown away by all the twists this author through at the characters. I have no idea how this author keeps surprising her readers with unique and intriguing stories in her FBI series and at book twenty-three, you would think it would be stale and boring. That is NOT the case for LABYRINTH at all. It’s just as fresh and exciting as book one, The cove. Every FBI novel has two stories running through it that at times intersect or are separate from the Savich and Sherlock main storyline. What I love the most is how much fun these books are. They are so entertaining and enjoyable that I love rereading them periodically to see back on characters or past storylines.

This time we see Savich dealing with Sherlock being injured and that story line shows a few twists I won’t get into it here to not spoil it for you in case you haven’t read it yet. I love these two characters and love how Savich and Sherlock work so well together as well as raise a wonderful little boy named Sean. Those glimpses into their personal relationship and family are the calm of the case(s) they deal with and I love seeing those glimpses into their life together. The characters are wonderfully written and highly entertaining. I think in LABYRINTH, Griffin is a delight and his dealing with a family who thinks they have psychic powers was fun to see this by logical special agent deal with. The characters are really well written and wonderful to read. I couldn’t help but get into the story itself and root for them to succeed in solving both cases.

If you have never read one of this author’s FBI novels, you can start anywhere as each story is basically stand alone in the series but I highly recommend reading from the beginning with The Cove and moving from there to see how Savich and Sherlock got together and see how some of the other characters joined Savich’s FBI unit. If you like a mystery that sinks its teeth into you while you read, action that keeps you on the edge of your seat and more then run to grab LABYRINTH and settle in for one wild ride from start to finish. I can’t wait to see where the author goes in the next FBI series book next.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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