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THE PHANTOM QUEEN by Yasmine Galenorn

Whisper Hollow Series, Book 3
Nightqueen Enterprises
February 1st, 2020
Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Ghosts, Mystery, Action
Reviewed by Dawn (
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4 Hearts

Whisper Hollow is a place where spirits roam, the Lady of the lake never gives up her dead and where Kerris Fellwater is the new spirit shaman of the town. This time, someone is killing teenagers and the spirits are not resting across the veil like they would after being sent there by Kerris. A danger threatens Whisper Hollow and when Veronica, Queen of the Unliving, requests Kerris’s help as this danger is also attacking Veronica’s court. Now with the help of her guardian/fiancĂ©, Bryan Kerris must enlist the help of the dead in order to help keep Whisper Hollow and the spirit world safe.

Wow, this third book in the Whisper Hollow series just kept me glued to the pages. I loved being back here and this time something threatens not just the town but the spirit world as well. I got to admit this author is my catnip when it comes to her books. They are well written, filled with amazing diverse characters that just make the reader swoon with delight and keep the readers attention with a fast-flowing storyline that will steal your heart. With the right amount of tension, action, mystery and more, THE PHANTOM QUEEN delivers a high-octane adventure that left me literally hanging with each page as the twists and turns revealed themselves.

Welcome to Whisper Hollow, a place where spirits roam and sometimes never stay dead and Kerris has returned to take the mantle of the town’s spirit shaman after her grandmother’s death. As she becomes more secure in her position as spirit shaman, she finds herself learning more about herself, what she can do and more. I loved learning more about her, her relationships with Bryan, Peggin and the town residents had me just enthralled. She is really growing within this book and I enjoyed seeing how many of the main characters compliment one another as well as the town. We also meet a few new characters that had me intrigued over their role in this magical town.  The characters are what drives me to read this author’s books as well as her wild and wonderful stories. They are diverse, well-crafted and I would love to visit Whisper Hollow just to see some of these characters in real life. Doctor Devine sounds like a fun person and Peggin is a hoot. I also enjoyed finding more about Veronica and her role in the series. She is spooky yet so intriguing. I hope we get more of her in future books as well.

THE PHANTOM QUEEN delivers a perfect story in the Whisper Hollow series and as Kerris finds her footing as spirit shaman to the town and secure in her love with her guardian/fiancĂ©, Bryan, I find myself wanting more books set in this wonderful world. If you enjoy a darker paranormal/fantasy series that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then give the Whisper Hollow series a try. It is a fun filled ride from start to finish and you won’t want to put it down. I look forward to seeing where the author goes next for Kerris and the gang in future books. I just hope we won’t have long to wait for our next installment in this fascinating magical town.

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