Friday, November 13, 2009

DREAMFEVER by Karen Marie Moning

Publisher: Delacorte Press
Date Published: August 2009
ISBN: 978-038534165-3
Paranormal (suspense)
Obtained via: Library
Reviewed by Gina

This year the walls more than thinned on Halloween night in Dublin. This year despite the best efforts of the MacKeltars and Jericho Barrons, the walls between the Fae and Humans have crumbled leaving only chaos it its wake. Even more devastating to Mac (MacKayla Lane) is that over a four day period following Halloween she was repeatedly gang raped by three unseelie Fae princes at the behest of the Lord Master—the being, who her beloved sister Alina fell in love with and who ultimately killed her. It is not Barrons or even V’lane who comes to her rescue. Rather it is Dani, a young Sidhe-seer. While Dani was able to pull Mac’s body away from the devastating Fae, she can do nothing to restore her friend’s sanity. No one turned Pri-ya has ever survived, yet Jericho Barrons has the where withal to not only return Mac to the land of the living but she’s back badder and strong than ever. She doesn’t quite trust Barrons, after all, he didn't come when she needed him most on Halloween but then neither again did V’lane despite her calls for him. Still, Barrons may be the best chance she has to save the world. Although when the Lord Master captures her parents in far away Georgia, Mac soon finds herself on the hairest adventure yet.

Like many fans of not only Karen Marie Moning, but of the Fever series in general, I waited as patiently as possible for this latest installment. The Fever series is perhaps one of the most highly addictive series to date. Believe me when I say Barrons isn’t just a character in a story—his very presence steps off the pages and into your life. When he appears to rescue Mac in DREAMFEVER you want his bad-assed self to take you with him too.

I’m not sure what happened between the first three books in this series (DARKFEVER, BLOODFEVER and FAEFEVER) but it felt to me like something was missing from this book. It just did not have the punch the others had. While I understand being not only raped but gang raped is perhaps the most devastating experience a woman can have, perhaps even worse than the loss of a child, it got to where I wanted to tell Mac to move on or at least stop reminding her readers it happened. A number of threads were repeated far too many times to keep the story from being completely riveting. The early passages do create a dreamlike quality for the reader, but it became wearing and I wanted the story to begin. At times I wondered if this talented author lost her own punch to write the story. The final book in the series, SHADOWFEVER is about a year away. Will Barron’s true self be revealed? Will Mac choose V’Lane? Or will she find it was all just a bad dream? I for one can’t wait to find out.


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