Friday, November 20, 2009

FULL EXPOSURE by Tracy Wolff

Publisher: NAL Trade
Date published: January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-22596-2
Trade Paperback
Obtained by: Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

Serena Macafee has closed herself off from heartache after a brutal attack left her twin sister dead and her recovering from injuries. Years later, a dedicated photographer, Serena is determined to keep everyone at arms length while she does her job. Her latest assignment is photographing sculptor Kevin Riley who just may be able to break through the walls that hide her heart but they first have to survive a stalker bent on destroying Serena and all she holds dear.

FULL EXPOSURE is an interesting story full of promising characters, fast paced storyline and many twists that keeps the reader on the edge of her seat. This was a new author for me and Ms. Wolff delivers a heart pounding story that will make shivers go down your spine. There was one drawback though that I had an issue with. The heroine Serena was hard to enjoy. She was one of those characters that have promise but the way she reacted in the story made her very tough to enjoy. It was hard for me to have much sympathy for Serena even after all the stuff the stalker was doing to her. I felt Ms. Wolff could have made her a bit more sympathetic to the reader. Otherwise the secondary characters help keep the story afloat and keep things a bit interesting. The passion between Kevin and Serena is very hot and though Serena blows hot and cold with Kevin, the reader roots for her to open her heart to this really nice guy, who genuinely wants to be with her.

FULL EXPOSURE has some issues that I felt could have made it a bit stronger but overall, this was a satisfying read with a mystery that keeps the reader glued to the pages to see what happens next. If you enjoy an erotic thriller, then grab FULL EXPOSURE. The climatic ending will surely keep your heart racing as the tension explodes as the stalker is revealed to the reader.


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