Monday, November 30, 2009

LAST VAMPIRE STANDING 2nd book in the Oldest City Vampire series by Nancy Haddock

Publisher: Berkeley
Date published: May 2009
ISBN: 978-0425227541
Paranormal Romance / Vampire
Trade Paperback
Obtained via: Gift
Reviewed by Danny

Finally the famous Sunshine State vampire Francesca Marinelli is back and her adventures in St. Augustine continue. The surfing and shopping addicted vampire princess is back to causing some havoc in Florida.

LAST VAMPIRE STANDING picks up where La Vida Vampire left off. Due to her fight with the French bride killer Cesca gets unwanted to attention from the vampire society, who doesn’t like the attention she attracts to the existence of vampires. But that doesn’t disturb Cesca’s fun, especially when she has a wonderful house warming party in her near future, unfortunately the party is crashed by Jo-Jo, a former medieval jester. He needs her help, because he is on the run from his vampire community. At first Cesca is reluctant to help him because normally she doesn’t like Vamps, but Jo-Jo is just too sweet, so that she wants help him to realize his dream of a show business career. Unfortunately Jo-Jo problems follow him from Atlanta and Cesca’s well organized life is suddenly turned upside down.

To fully enjoy LAST VAMPIRE STANDING you should read La Vida Vampire prior to reading this one, so that you get the background information about Francesca and the rest of the gang. You meet several of the characters again, that you encounter in La Vinda Vampire, like Pandora the shapeshifter or Triton, Cesca’s girlhood crush and her relationship with Deke Saber is getting more and more intense.

is from the first to the last page a thoroughly enjoyable book and I had a hard time to put it down, because I wanted to see how the story line continues. I had a great time discovering new sides to Cesca as well as the development of the secondary characters.

If you are looking for a fun story that is a mixture of urban fantasy and some thriller, you definitely have to pick up your copy!



Misty Evans said...

Great review of a great story! I've thoroughly enjoyed both Ms. Haddock's vampire tales. Cesca is a hoot and the perfect heroine in my book, and I love how the setting in St. Augustine is almost like a character as well.

I look forward to more stories in this well told series.

Ann Whitaker said...

Wonderful review.

I love Cesca. Nancy Haddock is riding a big wave with this imaginative and beautifully written series.


Nancy said...

Wow, Danny, thank you so much for this wonderful review! I'm honored and thrilled you enjoyed LAST VAMPIRE STANDING!

I must add my apologies for being late to write. E-mail troubles are the pits! :)

Thank you again, and Happy Holidays!

Nancy Haddock